Here We Go Again…

…And off I go again, making some more mini Double Wrench blocks on this glorious Spring morning!

This setup looks familiar...
This setup looks familiar…

If I didn’t think making 42 mini blocks was enough, I finally made my mind up to add another 14 blocks to the mix; totalling the block count to a grand total of 56! (That’s a whole lotta little 1.5″ squares!)

Lots of little squares...
Lots of little squares…

I  really didn’t plan on making this quilt bigger than what it is now slowly becoming…

…Oh well.

It has been a while since I’ve actually pieced and finished a big quilt – the last one being my Jacob’s Ladder Quilt, which I completed in December last year! (Ohhh, I just love that quilt!)

So the iron’s ready to go, my blocks are lined up ready to be pieced and a great playlist of songs are ready to be (badly) sung along with…

…And off I go!

Happy Sewing Friends! xx


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