WIP Weekly Update | #2 & Rail Fence Block Tutorial

Jeez, a week sure can creep up on you in an instant!

I’m deeply baffled at how it can be the fourth-ish week of the New Year already! *WOW*

In the last seven days since we spoke, some quilting progress has been made to my Rail Fence Quilt…

Delicious quilty lines!
Delicious quilty lines!

Predictably, I’ve started quilting my usual straight-line formation. (It’s easy and I’m lazy!) I’ve opted for a pattern quite similar to the way I quilted my Jacob’s Ladder Quilt, but on this one the quilty lines are a lot closer creating more of an intense surface design and texture.

To go along with this R.F Quilt, I’ve filmed and uploaded a very simple and informative tutorial on how to make the Rail Fence Block. I tried to make it as down-to-earth and helpful as possible especially for all you beginner quilters out there.

Let me know what you think of the video – I’m 100% open to any positive constructive criticism. I would love to know what I could to do improve my teaching skills and/or production/filming/editing skills.

Do you have any suggestions for quilt blocks that you would love to see me demonstrate?

Comment below and I’ll definitely take your ideas onboard!

Well, it’s now time to go and enjoy this glorious summer afternoon with a lovely icy-cold beverage, finger-licking snacks and a heart-warming rom-com!

Happy Sewing Friends!! xx


4 responses to “WIP Weekly Update | #2 & Rail Fence Block Tutorial”

  1. Great job on your rail fence tutorial. I’ve been quilting for years and wish I’d had it when I started. The filming and instruction is very good. I will be sharing it with my “new to quilting” friends. I am working on my quilting goals for 2014, and look forward to Monday morning when your blog arrives in my email box.


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