WIP Weekly Update | #4


It gets the best of us most of the time.

As for me, it’s pretty much all of the time.

The 12 Types of Procrastinators Comic by Angela Liao | Pinterest
The 12 Types of Procrastinators Comic by Angela Liao | Pinterest

Drawing your attention to the comic above, I can define my past week of quilting procrastination as the following –

The Cleaner | Sewing room must be tidy before any quilting can get done!

The Listmaker | I must do this, this and this before I can sit and quilt so I don’t feel guilty.

The Sidetracker| See last week’s WIP Weekly Update post – something about a Quilt Show entry that needed to be started but isn’t due for another five months!!

The Internet Researcher | It’s vital I keep up to date with the latest trends and must-haves in the quilting world…right? (Plus, cat videos are always crucial to watch, no matter what type of procrastinating you’re doing!)

The Snacker | Who doesn’t love a good snack when you’re purposely avoiding doing something?

The Watcher | I randomly started watching season nine of ER this week… Boy that show is good!!

The Perpetuator | Come 9 o’clock, I’m ready for bed! I tell myself: ‘Tomorrow will be the day I get stuck into it…hmm, maybe… I do still have four more eps of ER to watch before I finish the season.’

It’s a strange and amazing thing at what I’ll let myself do and tell myself to do just to put off doing some quilting.

Please don’t misunderstand: It’s not that I don’t like quilting a quilt; heck I love it to bits!

It’s just the initial getting started – the motivation, the time, the mindset, the energy and the heat (quilting a quilt in the middle of an Australian Summer bites!).

So that’s my excuse this week for not doing any work on my WIPs.

I’ll always be the first to admit that I easily succumb to procrastination’s sticky fingers. It’s a deep, deep flaw that resides in this little quilter…

I promise to do better over this coming week!

Happy Sewing Friends!! xx


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4 thoughts on “WIP Weekly Update | #4”

  1. Goodness — that comic is absolutely perfect! I may need to print it and laminate it and put it on my desk at school. And maybe another copy for the studio. And maybe a copy for my friend Stacy. And Josie. And Kallie.

    Don’t beat yourself up — sometimes we procrastinate because our brain just needs a break. =)


    1. Thank you for your understanding!
      You’re very, very right – it is hard to be ambitious when it’s hot and humid!
      I feel positive I’ll get my WIPs finished when the time is right. Roll on winter I say! 🙂


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