Procrastination: Nailed it!?

In my opinion, I’ve been very good in getting up to date with all my uni work: that is – readings, meeting first assessment deadlines, homework tasks etc.

(A big pat on the back for me!!)

But today on the other hand, procrastination has set in.

And to fill that space I’m making some quilt labels! Yay!

(And listening to One Direction – Midnight Memoorriieess!)

I’ve literally been working my fingers to the bone (no, not really) stitching away to get them finished as this coming Friday is the day for my Sydney Easter Show entries to be dropped off.

The Happy Quilt & Show Worthy Quilt Labels
The Happy Quilt & Show Worthy Quilt Labels

I also still need to make and attach a rod pocket to the back of my Happy Quilt so that it can be hung!

AND the fact that I have two pretty major-ish assessments due this week makes the next 7 days or so a little bit scary to face…

(Hence my Sunday procrastination phase!)

Plus, add on everything else that happens in a week of my life and you’ll be where my head space is at!

So perhaps I should shake myself out of this little procrastination slump and get things going…

Oh, but…must I really…??

I’d much rather stay in my little quilting bubble where everything is happy and carefree…



Textbooks and Microsoft Word are coming out to play…

HSF! xx

PS. I also hope to film another block tutorial sometime this week or this coming weekend. Only something quick-ish and simple. That way I can get it edited and published lickety-split! 🙂


WIP Weekly Update | #4


It gets the best of us most of the time.

As for me, it’s pretty much all of the time.

The 12 Types of Procrastinators Comic by Angela Liao | Pinterest
The 12 Types of Procrastinators Comic by Angela Liao | Pinterest

Drawing your attention to the comic above, I can define my past week of quilting procrastination as the following –

The Cleaner | Sewing room must be tidy before any quilting can get done!

The Listmaker | I must do this, this and this before I can sit and quilt so I don’t feel guilty.

The Sidetracker| See last week’s WIP Weekly Update post – something about a Quilt Show entry that needed to be started but isn’t due for another five months!!

The Internet Researcher | It’s vital I keep up to date with the latest trends and must-haves in the quilting world…right? (Plus, cat videos are always crucial to watch, no matter what type of procrastinating you’re doing!)

The Snacker | Who doesn’t love a good snack when you’re purposely avoiding doing something?

The Watcher | I randomly started watching season nine of ER this week… Boy that show is good!!

The Perpetuator | Come 9 o’clock, I’m ready for bed! I tell myself: ‘Tomorrow will be the day I get stuck into it…hmm, maybe… I do still have four more eps of ER to watch before I finish the season.’

It’s a strange and amazing thing at what I’ll let myself do and tell myself to do just to put off doing some quilting.

Please don’t misunderstand: It’s not that I don’t like quilting a quilt; heck I love it to bits!

It’s just the initial getting started – the motivation, the time, the mindset, the energy and the heat (quilting a quilt in the middle of an Australian Summer bites!).

So that’s my excuse this week for not doing any work on my WIPs.

I’ll always be the first to admit that I easily succumb to procrastination’s sticky fingers. It’s a deep, deep flaw that resides in this little quilter…

I promise to do better over this coming week!

Happy Sewing Friends!! xx