I Don’t Just Make Quilts…

I’m also a happy ‘crafter’!

Out of the different crafty things I like to make, the most favourite thing I love to create is wooden jewellery!

There’s something about working with an ‘organic’ type of medium that solely captures me…

I love the simplicities of their texture and aesthetic, the complexities of their shape and size, their smell (is that a bit gross to admit??) as well as the sound that the wooden beads make when softly clashing together.


Now this type of crafting isn’t rocket science!

To make, I simply use millinery elastic (or hat elastic) and a whole bunch of wooden beads.


IMG_0629I then proceed to thread them on, tying a solid knot with the two ends once I’ve reached the desired length! (Think back to the days of when you would thread painted dry pasta onto string! Ahh, those were the days!!)

It’s a super simple method but one hundred percent effective!

The itch to make something new for myself came when I was innocently perusing the craft aisles in Spotlight and came across a huge bag of mixed wooden beads for $4! Bargain! And knowing I already had millinery elastic at home, I knew I was onto some cheap crafting fun when I got home!

So here’s what I’ve made! Just a few easy-to-wear bracelets and necklaces…





Happy Crafting Friends!! xx


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