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Analysing a Floral Stitchery

About a week ago I finished stitching a lovely floral embroidery that I had sitting on my desk waiting to be started for about six months or so. It was one of those designs that as soon as I saw it, I just had to make it! Quite often I find myself go in and… Continue reading Analysing a Floral Stitchery

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May 11th: Sewing Room Organisation & Storage Tips!

Now, I’m possibly not the best person to be chatting about sewing room organisation and storage! One glance into my currently messy sewing room and you’d get it! My organisation skills are chaotic, simplistically naive and (perhaps) a little non-existent! While my storage areas are overflowing, out of order and oddly colour-coded! However, I think there… Continue reading May 11th: Sewing Room Organisation & Storage Tips!

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May 9th: Sewing Room Tour!

Hello and welcome to week two in my Everyday May series! I thought for this week, I would dedicate it to writing more about my sewing room and addressing a few of the requests from you guys about organisation, how to set up or layout  your work space as well as a few other fun… Continue reading May 9th: Sewing Room Tour!

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May 4th: Sewing & Craft Books Haul!

The other day I naively walked into my local Spotlight and stumbled upon the biggest bargain in my life! And that was a wonderful selection of beautifully published sewing and craft books by Stash Books on sale for $2.99 each! Each!! Oh. Em. Gee! I just simply couldn’t believe it! So like any sane quilter,… Continue reading May 4th: Sewing & Craft Books Haul!

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May 3rd: Honest Tales of a Floristry Student

So if you didn’t know, at the beginning of this year I started a Floristry course after always wanting to do so ever since my last year in high school. Safe to say I’m really enjoying it and am learning a lot about flowers and plants than I ever thought I would! So in today’s… Continue reading May 3rd: Honest Tales of a Floristry Student

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An Autumn Afternoon Catchup!

We’re smack-bang in the middle of March today! (Heck!) And the weather this afternoon is reminding me of why I love the beautiful cool changes in between the seasons! Autumn is slowly beginning to creep into life and I love it! The slow breeze ruffling the ageing leaves of the trees in our garden, the sun… Continue reading An Autumn Afternoon Catchup!

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An Update from my Sewing Room… #6

Hello Friends!! It’s always so lovely to find the time to sit and write and share and catchup with you! I must admit, my blog has very sadly been neglected over the past few months… Life has seem to find the accelerator pedal and made the past few weeks just fly by! (I mean, can you believe it’s the middle… Continue reading An Update from my Sewing Room… #6