FOR SALE | Little Wallets


I’ve beaten my procrastination and have re-stocked a few new lovely little items in my madeit shop!


These little wallets have been on the go for the past month or so and have been ever-so-patient in getting finished.

During Construction!
During Construction!

I’ve listed them at $12 each with FREE postage!

Unfortunately, you can only purchase these if you live in Australia 😦

So go on, check them out – they’re the perfect size to fit in a little clutch bag when out for the evening or great to take with you if you’re popping down to the local shop or even when your on the way to pick the kidlets up from school!

Finished Little Wallets
Finished Little Wallets

If these babies go down a treat, I may be tempted to make more…lots more!

(Ok, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves!)

I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday – only two more sleeps until weekend crafting can commence!!


Happy Sewing Friends!! xx

PS. If you missed the shop link at the start of the post, you can also get there by

1. Clicking the ‘Visit My Madeit Shop’ widget to the right


2. Scroll up to the top and click on SHOP – the link will also be there!


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2 thoughts on “FOR SALE | Little Wallets”

  1. I’m so bummed! I fell in love with the fun green one BEFORE I saw I can only buy it if I live in AU lol! That’s what I get for looking at the pretty pics first lol!! These are absolutely adorable! I hope you sell them fast 🙂


    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to disappoint you! I wish I could send them O/S but postage rates are so ridiculously expensive!! (Which is why I’ve opted for Australian purchases only). It sucks because this limits my potential buyers i.e.. you! But, thank you so much for your excitement over them though – it makes me super happy that my crafts are being well received!
      Thanks too for visiting my blog! 😀


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