A WEEKLY VLOG | Winter Flu, Nephews & Study

So I’m doing something new over on my YouTube channel

I’m still creating tutorials and the like but I’ve also begun uploading weekly vlogs (and sometimes daily vlogs too!), in an attempt to have you, my viewer and reader, get to know me more.

I want to continue to post and share my Weekly Vlogs with you here on my blog, bravely welcoming you into my life behind my sewing, my writing, my filming – the whole lot!

If you’re not the kind to watch vlogs or are solely uninterested in watching – then that’s cool. I promise I won’t be offended. 🙂

So here is the first of many (I hope!) Weekly Vlogs!

So what made me want to film the things happening in my life and share them all over the internet? Good question! Here are my answers…

1. I love watching daily/weekly vlogs. I think it’s very common to be naturally curious about how other people live their lives, about what happens to them, the experiences they face on a daily basis and the fun that they have with others. Simply, vlogs easily allow me to relate with other people, roughly the same age as me, in what they’re doing. And by that, I feel a little less lost and useless in this crazy world!

2. I like the creativeness of vlogging. Filming and editing footage is a new platform for me and I’m still learning the ins-and-outs of the biz. Vlogging gives me the outlet to experiment and become more relax in front of the camera as well as give me confidence in translating what’s in my brain into a video that’s a few minutes long. Editing footage also gives me the chance to be creative with most of my senses: sight, touch, hearing/listening, emotive, worth etc. and that pleases me.

3. I’ve received some awesome encouragement from friends, readers and viewers to get on the ‘Vlogging Bandwagon’ so to speak and I’ve taken that encouragement to heart! To receive comments from strangers (essentially) who are genuinely interested in my day-to-day life is extraordinary and completely blows my mind! I think it comes back to the whole ‘relating to what other people do’ shiz.

4. In all honesty, I worry that the content I put on my YouTube channel is so far out of the ‘mainstream box’ and isn’t ‘personal’ enough that I need to plump it up a bit with more videos about myself. Perhaps that’s my ego or my endless self-doubt creeping in but that’s just how I feel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super-proud of the content I have my channel (each video is obsessed over time and time again before it’s uploaded). I wouldn’t change the main goal/idea of what I want the channel to be, but I just want to make it a little bit more relatable to those who aren’t quite into the quilty/crafty/diy scene.

Okay, so I’m a little brave in sharing with you my deep and honest thoughts (my panic & anxiety is through the roof!) and I don’t know why I feel the need to justify the reasons why I’ve started to vlog my life… But it’s happening and I’m super-excited about it!

And…while we’re talking about videos and the like, I’m currently in the middle of editing another Quilt Block Tutorial! Yay! I haven’t filmed/uploaded one for over three weeks!!! (My bad…) Here’s a sneaky!

(PS. You can see the whole block on my instagram!)

House Block Sneaky

Happy Sewing Friends!


One last thing: Here are links to some of my favourite vloggers…


Hannah Maggs


They inspire me to live life to the fullest, to set my goals on the things that I love to do and to be uber-creative with my editing!


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