Status: Amanda is M.I.A

Yes, M.I.A.

It sure has felt that way over the past week.

Life as I had known was put on hold last week as I had a full first week at work. (Yay! I survived it!)

This week, I have the next five days to myself! *happy dance* But this, unfortunately, is the cruel sting of casual retail work! Lots of hours one week, none the next!

So what else is there to do in my down time but to do some sewing! I’ve been longing for the day when I would be reunited with my sweet sewing machine!

The first thing I want to get stuck into is the DIY Craft series I want to film for my YouTube channel and the first project I want to launch the series with has something to do with these guys…

Source | Pinterest
Source | Pinterest

This is Finn and Jake from one of my all-time favourite tv shows, Adventure Time!

I’ve still have a few things I need to plan and finalise but I’m pretty confident my little craft idea with these guys will be ‘mathematical‘! (HIGH-FIVE to you if you get that reference!)

I will update you with more information very, very soon!

Happy Sewing Friends!





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