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A Beautiful Baby Quilt…





Over the past few weeks, I’ve been busy cutting, piecing and quilting this beautiful little quilt for my future niece, due next month.

For this quilt, I wanted to merge traditional with modern by using this Bear Paw Block as the central design while featuring fresh colours and modern quilting lines.

I also have to admit that it was joyfully wonderful to finally work in the colour pink! After making quilts for four nephews, the change in colour palette was like a beautiful breeze of fresh air!

I gifted this quilt away yesterday at her baby shower and I can only hope that she will find comfort and warmth in it always!



12 thoughts on “A Beautiful Baby Quilt…

    1. Whoops I hit Send too soon! I just wanted to add that I really like how the colors emphasize the negative pattern in the middle. the school has given me a whole nother perspective on Bear Claw!

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  1. Amanda, could you tell me how much of the pink and grey fabric it takes to make this one? I made your Geo Dreams quilt and had such fun with it that I’d like to try this one, too!


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