Quilter: M.I.A


Yes, I’m still alive! Still sewing. Still quilting. Still dreaming!

The past two weeks have been quite crazily busy for me, hence the sad neglect towards my blog. But all is back on track again and it’s time to give you an update on some of the things I’ve been doing/making/planning etc.


First off, an update from my YouTube channel!

Oh, the Glory of the Ohio Star Block!

For ages I’ve been so intimated to make this block because of the quarter-square-triangles or ‘hourglass’ units along the sides. But once I did some research into the technique and found out just how easy and simple they were to construct, I’ve been churning them out like there’s no tomorrow! I’m now happy to say that the Ohio Star block has become one of my all-time favourites to make! Yep!

Another video recently uploaded was my Q&A video.

After asking for questions from you on Instagram and on my channel, I sat down and answered as many of them as I possibly could! Questions included: where I get my inspiration from, what are my favourite fabric ranges, when did I start sewing as well as what my favourite Disney movie is and what Adventure Time character do I relate to most! It was a fun little video to make and I hope I’ve answered some of the questions about me you’ve always wondered!


One huge project that had been taking shape in my sewing room over the past week was one a little different to what I’m used to!

Making two 1950’s poodle skirts with double tulle petticoats!


At my church, the PWA (Presbyterian Woman’s Association) held a 50’s night to raise money for one of the ladies in our congregation who is a Missionary in Niger, South Africa. It was a fun night with lots of dancing, hot dog eating, trivia questions, lots of laughs and endless skirt twirling!

I made a blue skirt for mum (her favourite colour!) featuring white spots and no specific applique design. Mine, I made a little shorter, in the same fabric as mum’s but in red. I also added a gorgeous felt Scottie Dog applique near the hem on the left-hand side. My 5 year old nephew gave him the name of Buzz.


Both were full-circular skirts that took up about 4.5m of fabric to make! The tulle skirts were about the same, made up of a layer of soft bridal tulle and stiff nylon netting that helped to puff the skirts out. They were a bit of a handful to cut out, but quite easy to construct. All of the hassle was worth it though as the skirt was so much fun to wear and swish in! I can’t count the amount of times mum and I twirled around on the dance floor while listening to some awesome 50’s tunes!


So what’s in the planning, I may hear you ask…?

Well, due to the guilt I feel inside for neglecting my darling blog over the past few weeks, I’ve set myself the challenge to write and publish a blog post every single day during the month of September! Boom!


September is a pretty busy month for me so there won’t be anything short-on to write about! The month is full of birthdays, special weekend celebrations, shows in the city, the start of a new Quilt-Along series, the start of a new job (more to come on that very soon!) and so much more! I’m super-excited to share all of that with you and to also rise up to the challenge and chat with you everyday during the month! Whoo! Roll on September!


Lastly, be on the look out for a very special and insanely exciting post on my blog tomorrow!

The past few weeks have also seen me do a lot of secret sewing that I’ve hinted a few times on Instagram… Remember these pics…



Well, that’s all the hinting you’re gettin’ until tomorrow!


Until then,

Happy Sewing, Friends!



3 responses to “Quilter: M.I.A”

  1. love the poodle skirts :-)! Congrats on the new job, can’t wait to hear about it! And your September Challenge is a real doozy – Wishing you all the luck on that, and looking forward to all your posts! Lynne in MN, USA.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A post EVERY day in September?! I can’t wait! I’m not sure I’ll be able to go back to the once or twice a week posts after! 😉 😉 so excited to hear about all the things going on in your life in the upcoming postssssssssss! Squeeee!

    Liked by 1 person

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