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My 2018 Sewing Goals

Did you know that 2018 marks my seventh year of blogging?! Seven years! Where has the time gone from when I was a shy 23 year old, tentatively entering the scary waters of online blogging? It seems like a life-time ago! Anyhoo! A new year has started (even though we’re four months in already!! Eek!)… Continue reading My 2018 Sewing Goals

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Falling In Love With Sewing Again

It’s no secret, this year has freakishly flown by, eating up time like it’s no bodies business. And my poor sewing machine has suffered as a consequence. Also, not gonna lie, my motivation to sew and be creative has taken a bit of a hit too. So with all of that combined, not a whole… Continue reading Falling In Love With Sewing Again

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Star Sampler Quilt | Finishing Touches

After almost a year of getting the ball rolling, the end of my Star Sampler Quilt Along has come to an end! *insert sad/happy face – whichever one applies!* In the final instalment of the series, I’ve jammed packed it full of all of the ‘finishing touches’ we need to do to have a completed… Continue reading Star Sampler Quilt | Finishing Touches

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Analysing a Floral Stitchery

About a week ago I finished stitching a lovely floral embroidery that I had sitting on my desk waiting to be started for about six months or so. It was one of those designs that as soon as I saw it, I just had to make it! Quite often I find myself go in and… Continue reading Analysing a Floral Stitchery

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INTRODUCING: A Star Sampler Quilt Along!

I’m not sure why I’ve just titled this post as ‘Introducing’ as most of you already knew that this Quilt Along wasΒ happening! But I thought, if any newbies come by looking for something different this title just might catch their eye! (If you are that newbie, welcome! I’m so glad you’ve popped by!) But yes!… Continue reading INTRODUCING: A Star Sampler Quilt Along!

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May 17th: Mini Thread Spool Block Tutorial!

Today I woke up and was inspired to make a block tutorial for my YouTube channel! Whether it was actual inspiration or a form of ‘YouTuber Guilt’ as I haven’tΒ uploaded in awhile, I don’t know! But I put my head down and bum up and got into creating! And I’m so happy I did! There’s… Continue reading May 17th: Mini Thread Spool Block Tutorial!

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May 16th: A Few More Useful Tools & Notions!

As I sing out loud along to John Mayer’s song, ‘No Such Thing‘ (*sings* I wanna run through the halls of my high school. I wanna scream at the top of my lungs!), here are a few more tools and notions that I find super useful when I’m sewing and quilting! Let’s start by talking… Continue reading May 16th: A Few More Useful Tools & Notions!