May 5th: Future Quilt-Along Ideas!

After the success of my last two Quilt-Along series on my YouTube channel, I’ve had lots of requests and enquires for when I’ll be doing another one!

Left: Geo Dreams QAL / Right: HST Sampler QAL

I think for starters, I’m still so blown away by how much support and involvement I had from all of you in each of the past series! The possibility of another one being so successful is both very exciting and extremely daunting!

Now, I don’t want to get you too excited just yet! Unfortunately, there won’t be another QAL for a good couple of months… Once I finish up my Floristry course in June, I’ll be sure to get the ball rolling as soon as possible!

But in the meantime, let’s brainstorm some ideas together so that I can gauge your interest in what kind of quilt you would like to make!

Last year I came very close to doing a Christmas theme one with some festive appliques and colour combinations! Another suggestion I’ve had is to do a Mini Quilt Blocks sampler due to all of the fun little mini blocks I’ve shared and love! I also like the idea of perhaps doing another sampler with blocks that have star themes eg. Ohio Star, Diamond Star, Lemoyne Star, Lone Star etc.

Ohio Star Block
Ohio Star Block

So what I thought, to help me see what you guys think, WordPress have a fancy application where I can add a Poll to my post that will allow you to take a vote on what you like best! So I’m gonna give it a go and see if it’s a successful tool for me to see what you guys are most interested in!

The poll closes in a week’s time (12th May 2016), so cast you vote or add another suggestion that you would love to do and we’ll see what happens!


So that’s it for today my Friends. Join in on the poll whether or not you’re likely to join in on the fun when it rolls into action, I don’t mind! Any feedback is good feedback in my opinion!

Happy Polling, Friends!


PS. Also, comment below with any fabric ranges or lines from your favourite Fabric Houses (eg. Moda, Tula Pink, RJR Fabrics, Riley Blake, FQS etc.) that you would like me to make with next! I would love to be able to use fabrics that everyone where ever you are in the world has some type of access to buy and use along with me.

Ooo, such exciting times ahead!



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8 thoughts on “May 5th: Future Quilt-Along Ideas!”

  1. I love all the fabric you choose and even if I can’t get it in the US then I will pick some similar that I can get and follow along anyway! If you do end up doing a star sampler then please consider the Colorado star! It is fun, pretty easy, and made up of HST’s! If it doesn’t go along with what you are thinking I understand, but it would be cool to be considered! So excited for this idea, I will let definitely be participating!

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