INTRODUCING: A Star Sampler Quilt Along!

I’m not sure why I’ve just titled this post as ‘Introducing’ as most of you already knew that this Quilt Along was happening! But I thought, if any newbies come by looking for something different this title just might catch their eye!

(If you are that newbie, welcome! I’m so glad you’ve popped by!)

But yes! Finally I can announce that my next Quilt Along series is ready to begin!! Yay!!!! We’re only just a few months behind schedule, but nonetheless we’re ready to go!

So let’s first go through a few of the important details about this Quilt Along…

+ After a world-wide vote on a past post, the majority of you wanted to do a 12 block Star Sampler Quilt. So that’s what we’re doing!

+ The fabric range that I’m using is called Print Shop by Alexia Marcelle Abegg for Cotton+Steel. I’ve based the design of the blocks/quilt using the black and white version of the range (as requested by all of you!), with sprinkles of the bright colour way that’s also a part of the range, along with a few staple favourites from the Cotton+Steel Basics range. (You can see the full range of the fabrics I’ve hand-picked further down in this post.)

+ Although I’m using yardage/meterage, most* of the blocks can be made using either charm packs, layer cakes and/or fat quarters (*just be aware that there are a few blocks that have 6″-6.5″ unit pieces). However, you will need extra fabric for the sashing and border pieces, for the backing and the binding. (A full list of measurements are listed further down in this post.)

+ For the batting, I’m using a beautiful 100% Cotton batting from a company called Bosal. I’ve never used this particular type batting before so I’m really interested to see how easy it is to work with. I’ll go into more detail about it when the time comes for basting and quilting!

+ All depending on my work schedule/roster, I’m hoping to have each block tutorial up on my YouTube channel as well as here on my blog every week… Okay, now that currently might be a bit of a stretch to promise when I don’t know what my working hours are each week! So just be aware that every now and again there may be more than a week between tutorials! At the moment I’m thinking my upload/release day will possibly be a Thursday as I don’t usually work that day. (Weekends are no good as I work most of them!) I hope that this works for you – at least then you’ll have the weekends to make each block as we go along!

+ Now, if you’re new to the way my block tutorials/Quilt Along series go, in each tutorial I let you know all of the measurements and cutting info as well as what fabrics I’m using for that block. Then I take you through step-by-step on how to piece that block together. And just like with my HST Quilt Along, a beautifully coloured information sheet for each block will be available for you to print off and follow along with at home! (These will be available to download from my blog.)

+ Interested in what Star blocks we’ll be making?? Well here they are in the order that we will be making them!

Block One: Eccentric Star / Block Two: Star X / Block Three: Kansas Star / Block Four: Janet’s Star / Block Five: Maple Star / Block Six: Amish Star / Block Seven: Indian Star / Block Eight: Crystal Star / Block Nine: Missouri Star / Block Ten: Martha Washington Star / Block Eleven: Star + Square / Block Twelve: Aunt Eliza’s Star

Each will finish at 12.5″ squared and range in different levels of difficulty. However, I believe what ever level of quilting you’re up to, you’ll definitely be able to make each and every one of these blocks listed!

+ Just like with my last Quilt Along, I’ve been so lucky to have it sponsored again by Australian wholesale supplier and fabric distributer, Dayview Textiles. If you’re in Australia and are keen on using the same fabrics as me, pop over to their website to find the nearest quilt store to you that they distribute fabrics to!

+ And now on to all of the fabric deets!! Like I previous mentioned, all of these fabrics have been handpicked from the range to individually suit each of the blocks I’ll be making for my quilt. So because of that you’ll notice that not all of the fabrics in the Print Shop range are here.


The black and white fabrics in the range I’m classing as my ‘main’ fabric. Each block features one of these key fabrics which has then been paired with either a coloured print from the range or with a C+S Basic print.

The fabrics are:

1. ‘Meadow’ in the colour Midnight

2. ‘This + That’ in the colour Linen

3. ‘This + That’ in the colour Black

4. ‘Bricka’ in the colour Black

5. ‘Grid’ in the colour Dark Charcoal (This one reminds me of little British flags! Do you see them too?)

6. ‘Point’ in the colour Charcoal

7. ‘Hello’ in the colour Grey (Those little animal heads are a-dor-a-ble!!)


These are the coloured prints from the Print Shop range I’ll be using… Along with the C+S Basics, these will add a delightful pop of colour next to the black and white prints!

1. ‘Meadow’ in the colour Citrus

2. ‘Starry’ in the colour Seashell

3. ‘Hello’ in the colour Seaglass

4. ‘Moons’ in the colour Grass

5. ‘Grid’ in the colour Peach


And lastly, these are the C+S Basics and other fabrics I’ll be using:

1. ‘XOXO: #2 Pencil’

2. ‘XOXO: Lightning’ (This one is insanely bright and fluro-like! It’s absolutely gorgeous!)

3. ‘XOXO: Thistle’

4. ‘Sprinkle: Peacock’

5. ‘Netorious: Black Cat’

6. ‘Sprinkle: Petal’

7. ‘Netorious: Cloud (Metallic)

8. ‘Dottie: Rosewater’ (This is the fabric I’m using for my binding.)

9. Cotton Supreme Solid in the colour Kerchief (This is my main background fabric that will used in my blocks, sashing and borders.)


+ If you would like to use fabric yardage/meterage like me, here is a list of the measurements you’ll need… (Apologies for how I write out the yardage measurements – they’re very foreign to me!)

Of each print:

Meterage: half to three quarters of a metre (50cm-75cm) – these are the lengths I’ll be working with

Yardage: 0.60-0.85 of a yard (22″-31″)

(PS. You will have fabric left over – I just want to make sure you’ll have enough and won’t run out!)

Background & Backing fabrics:

Meterage: 3 metres for each

Yardage: 3.3 yards for each


Meterage: three quarters of a metre (75cm)

Yardage: 0.85 of a yard (31″)

Batting: (estimate)

Meterage: 1.5 metres x 220cm+ width

Yardage: 1.7 yards x 2.4+ yard width (61″x87″)

I’ve planned for the finished quilt to roughly measure around 50″x65″ (127cmx165cm)


 Now I think that’s everything that is important to know right now… If you think there’s any important details I’ve missed or have any questions about this Quilt Along, please feel free to let me know in the comment section below!

Ooo! One very important thing I haven’t mentioned yet is when we’re starting! I’ve penciled in for Thursday the 22nd of September to have the first block tutorial in the series up on my channel and blog!

I can’t wait to get started and to see all of your beautiful Star Blocks come to life into a beautiful Sampler Quilt!

Happy Planning, Friends!



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  1. How exciting 🙂 do I need to sign up anywhere or can I just follow along as you post your youtube tutorials and blogs?
    Thanks for doing this for us 🙂


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