May 8th: Happy Mother’s Day!

Today in Australia we celebrated Mother’s Day!

I treated my mum to a lovely bunch of red roses that we bought when visiting the flower markets yesterday morning as well as a fun little wooden trinket sign that reminds me perfectly of her!


We (my family and I) spent a really nice, relaxing day together by taking a lovely afternoon drive around Colo Heights and Ebenezer which are ‘country’ like areas north west of Sydney, close to the Blue Mountain ranges.

I only got out of the car once (not only was it raining but there’s been a lot of smoke hanging around in the area due to back burning) when we stopped at a beautiful old church in Ebenezer which happens to be the very first Presbyterian church in Australia!


It was a beautiful building to step into. Very little and quaint. It even had a fab Ohio Star tile design in the front foyer!


The church itself is surrounded by an ageing yet very locally historic cemetery with families buried together dating from the mid 1800s+. There were even a few young ones who died in battle in WWI. It was fascinating yet very sombre. It was such a sweet place to visit.

Then after driving up and down through some very winding roads and navigating our way though the thick smoke trapped in the mountain ranges, we arrived home late in the afternoon to have delicious chicken burgers with a fresh salad and then a slice of cake! (What’s a Mother’s Day without a decadent sponge cake! Yum!)

And that was mum’s day made!


Wishing all of you Mothers who read my blog a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Lots of love!


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