May 9th: Sewing Room Tour!

Hello and welcome to week two in my Everyday May series!

I thought for this week, I would dedicate it to writing more about my sewing room and addressing a few of the requests from you guys about organisation, how to set up or layout  your work space as well as a few other fun things I think might be helpful!

So first off for today I wanted to share with you a simple tour of my sewing room.


A few of you might’ve already seen this, but I uploaded this video onto my YouTube channel a few weeks ago showing you some of my most favourite nooks and crannies and bits and bobs that make this room a happy and inspiring one for me and for my quilting!

To be honest, there really isn’t much more to add to what I say and show you in the above tour… In it, I just really wanted to try to capture the essence and those little things that matter the most. Such things include my ever-watchful Buzz who guards the room so diligently, some of my favourite pieces of stationary, the way I like to store my embroidery threads in colour order, the cherished photo of me with my parents along with the sewing machine that helps me bring my thoughts, designs, dreams and passion into something brilliantly tactile and real!

I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to have this space at all! (You can read a little about the back story here!) And never a day goes by where I don’t spend a good couple of hours in here! It’s like my safe haven, my hub, my happy place. 🙂

No matter where you plan, design, cut, sew and work I hope that you enjoy the space you occupy when creating! Tell me about it in the comments section – I would love to know!!

Happy Sewing, Friends!!



3 responses to “May 9th: Sewing Room Tour!”

  1. You really do have a happy place In your sewing room. It apparent that you put much thought into this tour, showing us your bits and bobs treasures and adding soothing music. Well done! And thanks!


  2. I always am thankful when I walk into my little sewing space, Love your space and really enjoy seeing how people add special little bits and bobs to make it extra special.

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  3. I love ‘visiting’ your sewing space 🙂 I’m not sure if you’ve covered this in a previous post but could you explain where the name of your blog comes from (3and3quarters)? You’ve got lots of new followers that may not know. Thanks!

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