May 13th: Quilt-Along Poll Results!

Last week I wrote a post about gathering some ideas and feedback for the next Quilt-Along series I’ll be doing later on in the year. Stuck on what I should do, I created a poll with a few ideas that I had floating around my head and asked you to help me with my decision!

Well, the results of that poll are in and there’s a clear winner!


The next QAL series will be a Star Block Sampler! Yay!

I also received some other great ideas for future QALs like doing one from Charm Packs, another using House blocks as well as using Civil War Era Blocks to make a wallhanging! What fab ideas to take on board and brainstorm with!

Thank you to everyone who voted and forwarded on their suggestions! It has helped so much!


So planning for the Star Block Sampler QAL has officially begun and very conveniently, I found this awesome reference chart on Pinterest of some wonderful star blocks!

SOURCE: Pinterest
SOURCE: Pinterest

There are a few in there that I would love to make in the QAL! They include the Maple Star, Crown and Star, Crystal Star, Janet’s Star, Missouri Star and the Star X blocks! Which ones would you like to make?

Over the next month or so I’ll begin researching and sourcing a lovely fabric range with your suggestions in mind that I think will be perfect for the series! And like I said before, I’ll make sure it’s an easy one for everyone to find and use if they so wish!

If there are any other star blocks you would like me to consider for the QAL, let me know in the comments section! I’ve already had a request to include the Colorado Star block as well as the Diamond Star block! Yay!

OooOoo, such exciting times ahead!!

Happy Sewing, Friends!


PS. I’m hoping to get the QAL underway sometime in July (or August at the very latest!)


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8 thoughts on “May 13th: Quilt-Along Poll Results!”

  1. Wow, some ambitious stars here….but have no fear, Amanda’s wonderful tutorials will help us complete even the scariest of stars. Sleepless here in beautiful Pennsylvania where Spring is unusually cool this year.


  2. Wow!!! Sounds good!!! I love the Amish Star, Christmas Stars, Eccentric Star, Maple Star, Square and Star and the Martha Washington Star. It seems a lot of work… but very fun! Happy Sewing to You!!! Kisses

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  3. very interested in doing this when you start to do itI also like the army star. Whatever you come up with will be fine and challenging for allI can see this done being a scrappy type of quilts using multiple colors or just using a few colors can’t wait to see what you come up with. also I’m in Northern California at the base of the Feather River Canyon and be nice when others make comments to say where they are too thank you

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  4. YAY! That’s the one I voted for!!! I love the stars you love too! I really love the Amish Star, Army Star, Christmas Star, Corner Star, and the Eccentric Star. The Aunt Rachel’s Star scares me!! lol. Also I love the Missouri Star since I’m from Missouri! The colors of that Crown and Star one sort of inspire me to use purples & yellows – much like my favorite Disney movie Tangled!

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    1. Whoo!! That’s great!! Haha, the Aunt Rachel’s Star scares me too, that’s why I didn’t mention it!! 😀 Oh my goodness – Tangled is one of my favourite Disney movies too!! Brave is a fave too! xx


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