May 30th: A Busy Couple of Days…


Hello Friends!

You may’ve been wondering where I’ve been?! No word or post since last Wednesday! My bad! I tried so hard not to fail at writing and posting something each day in May but ended up falling at the last hurdle! Oh dear!

But to be completely honest with you, the past few days have been pretty busy with only today being the first time where I actually have a moment (and the energy) to sit and write.

Let’s start with the big news first! I’m working back at Spotlight again! Huzzah!

My sneaky selfie in the tea room!
My sneaky selfie in the tea room!

I had my first shift back last Friday and then worked another day on Saturday. It was so great to be back. It felt as though I had been on a big (and very extended) holiday and finally returned back to reality! All of my old (but good) habits kicked back into place while the Sew Centre department I work in felt comfortable and familiar. There’s still a few things behind the scenes I’m a little bit rusty with, but my good-customer-service-hat is still in top notch and my internal struggle not to buy all the fabric has uncomfortably returned! Ahh!!

And on top of my very exciting return to work over the weekend, my body decided to treat me with a lovely and very annoying bout of Laryngitis! Yay! (Not!) So I’ve been drinking lots of Green Tea with lemon, sucking on Strepsils and rugging up under some deliciously warm and cosy quilts (the best medicine, I say!), in an effort to get better as soon as I can!

So because of these two things, I’ve yet again had to neglect my YouTube channel this weekend! (Boo!) I have two (with the potential of three) new videos to film, edit and upload for you over the next week or so… One being my April and May Favourites, the other a requested chatty catch-up video sharing with you all the things that are happening in life at the moment and then the potential third one being a vlog of the VIVID Light Festival that is currently happening in Sydney! We’ve been to the festival for the past two years and you can see the 2014 and 2015 videos here! So when I get my voice back to it’s full strength, I’ll do my best to get those videos up while working around my busy work/study schedule!

And speaking of study… I’ll be finishing my Floristry course in a little over two weeks!! OMG!! So exciting! Also, I know I mentioned that I would be doing a Flower Crown tutorial sometime during my Everyday May series… Unfortunately because of time restraints and lack of funds, I’ve had to push it back to another date that will be very soon! I’ll possibly turn it into a video tutorial on my channel! (And then after that I’ll be onto the beginning stages of planning our Star Sampler Quilt Along series!! Yay!)

As the month draws to a close, I hope that you’ve all entered my Everyday May Giveaway I announced last week??!! If you haven’t, it’s not too late! Just click here, read the blog post on how to enter and then leave your comment! The winner will be announced in tomorrows blog post!! BTW, I’ve been absolutely loving learning what kinds of books, people and platforms you love learning quilting and sewing from! I’m totes gonna check out some of those titles! 😀

I hope you’re all doing well!!

Happy Sewing, Friends!



4 responses to “May 30th: A Busy Couple of Days…”

  1. wow, you are super busy! good for you going back to spotlight…not sure I’d have the willpower to keep from buying everything! lol 😉

    sorry you’ve lost your voice, take some time for yourself so you can get better soon 😀


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