Long Time, No Word…

Hello my lovely Friends!

It’s been a bit of a while between posts, huh? This is the part where I typically write up my excuses… Busy life. No time. Unbelievably tired. So on and so on.

Well, although I haven’t been sharing very much both here and on my YouTube channel, I’ve been busily planning, designing and organising behind the scenes! Yeah!

One major thing that’s in the works is my next Quilt-Along series! I know, I know, I’ve been teasing what’s in store for the past few months but I do promise it’ll be starting very soon!

Planning time, using 'Printshop' by Cotton+Steel!
Planning time, using ‘Printshop’ by Cotton+Steel!

All of the blocks have been designed and are ready to go and the over-all layout of the quilt is locked in! Now I’m just waiting on the arrival of my fabrics (I’m using ‘Printshop’ by Cotton+Steel) and I’ll get straight into filming! I’ll also then be able to release an official start date as well as a full run-down of all of the info you’ll need to sew along with me (in blog post and video form)! TBH, I did want to have it started by now but a few unforeseeable things came up that prevented the series getting started. But no worries, it will be getting underway very soon and I’m so excited to get into it! I miss making tutorials for you!

Moving onto making content for my YouTube channel, I wanted to share an idea I’ve recently been seriously thinking about. I’ve mentioned this before, but one of my favourite types of content to watch on YouTube are Vlogs. This is where people film their everyday daily life and either upload it everyday or patch the week together into a weekly video. I did begin doing something like this on my channel a few years ago but it fell by the way-side as I felt I wasn’t quite ready to make that kind of content yet. But is this something you’d be interested in watching if I did this on my channel? Do you wanna see what happens in my everyday life? Obviously it’s a big thing to take on. I’m naturally very quite and shy and keep a lot to myself, so this would be a huge adjustment and fun challenge for me to take on. But it’s something I’ve been mulling over in my mind this past month or so and would really love to take it up and try it out. I’ve even begun researching what camera and equipment I could use to make the vlogs the best that they can be! Anyway, I would love to know what you think! Any feedback is good feedback in my opinion! 🙂


In other news, just like my blog and channel, my poor sewing machine has been sadly neglected over the past few weeks. 😦 Call it being busy. Call it lack of inspiration. Call it a creative-brain-block. Whatever it is, I just haven’t felt the old spark or natural urge to do any ‘personal’ sewing. It’s actually really bumming me out. (It’s also another reason why I haven’t been blogging recently. There hasn’t been anything new to share with you! Or any photos to upload into this blog post!) Although I’m really excited to get started on my Quilt-Along, I don’t have any exciting sewing to get into while waiting for it to begin. Everyday I scroll through my Instagram feed and see all of you making such beautiful blocks, quilts and projects while I’m sitting here feeling guilty about not getting on with anything or whipping up something special to share with you… Ho-hum, hopefully I’ll break through my creative doldrum soon and find that good ol’ inspirational spark again! Fingers crossed!

So hopefully it won’t be too long between this post and my next! I’ll try not to let a month(!) fly past without touching base with you!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

Happy Sewing, Friends!


PS. By the way, have you seen my latest block tutorial? I made a FPP Arrow Block!

GET THE TEMPLATE: FPP Arrow Block Templates


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11 thoughts on “Long Time, No Word…”

  1. ~Hope you come a round more often as I’m a newbie at this sort of thing, sewing. I’m enjoying your blog & your YouTube tutorials, have learn a lot from you Amanda. Crossing my fingers that you get your mojo/ inspiration back for my sake😊
    Thank You.🌺

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  2. Totally understand! I moved house and BAM, my sewjo got freaked out and, like you, is lurking in my mind somewhere, guilting me out when I look at other people’s beautiful work, but I just dont have the mental energy right now. You’ve had a mega year with your floristry course and working at Spotlight again. It’ll be fine, just wait and rest. You’ll see.

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  3. Vlogging would be awesome! Happy to have you back. I need to find fabric to use for the quilt a long! When you got the cotton +steel fabric, did you order like, a fat quarter pack or did you get yardage?


  4. Hi Amanda,
    So glad to see a new post from you. I have missed your blog. Looking forward to more news and ideas when your inspiration returns. In the meantime, take a rest and regroup.

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  5. I loved hearing from you this morning! I’m looking forward to your sew along, I’ve never done one before so I’m excited! I would also like to see a vlog of you and your life. The only way I would get to see your beautiful country! The creative juices will flow again so relax and enjoy your day

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  6. I think a vlog would be so fun! Would love to go along with you in your day! I’m a fairly new quilter and your blog was the first quilting blog I followed, so I’m looking forward to the quilt along, as well. Take care!

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  7. Hi Amanda, can’t wait for your next sew along, but I understand not being inspired to sew something for yourself… sometimes reading a really good book helps the creativity to move along. Anyhow, I hope you find what works for you. Take care

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    1. HI Amanda, I’m not surprised you need a break! Wow, with all the amount of videos you’ve created & the wonderfully detailed/filmed videos you should be exhausted. Hope you took a nice time off with fun each day!! Looking forward to your channel uploads!

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  8. Sooooo happy to hear from you, no worries about how long it’s been! I hope you’re doing well! We all go through creative doldrums and delays due to “real life, ” lol! I loved the arrow block tutorial! I would be interested to see your vlog, I’ve never watched any but it sounds cool! I want to say I can’t wait for the Quilt-a-long to start cuz I’m SO excited, but I don’t want to put any more pressure on you cuz I really understand! So I can, but can’t wait! 😉

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