Star Sampler Quilt | Block #4: Janet’s Star

PATTERN SHEET: star-sampler-quilt-block4

Hello to you on this very warm Spring Sunday afternoon from a Western Sydney suburb in Australia!

I had a weird moment just now when thinking about how far in we are in the series… Can you believe we’re already a quarter of the way through?! Holy-moly! 😮

So block four is a fun one! A lot less tricky than what the Kansas Star block was. The Janet’s Star is made of three different but very simple units that come together to make, what I think is a very beautiful star!

So here’s how you make it!!

As always, everything you’ll need to know in regards to the measurement and cutting information as well as the fabrics* I’ve use to piece this block together are in the pattern sheet linked at the beginning of this post! If you would like to use a similar 12.5″ set square as me, you can find it here: June Tailor Get-Squared 12.5″ Ruler.


Keep on sharing all of your lovely blocks with me! The new hashtag we have on Instagram is going great guns and I’m loving seeing everyone’s blocks altogether in one place! It’s all very exciting! If you wish to hop on to the Instagram hashtag train, don’t forget to add #AmandasQuiltAlong in your photo description/comment and you’re in the club! 😀

Have fun making this one and I’ll see you in about a week with block five, which happens to be very, very similar to the Janet’s Star layout! The block is called the Maple Star and features a slight difference in design! Anyway, you’ll see what I mean in the next tutorial!

Until then,

Happy Sewing, Friends!


*A big thanks to Australian wholesale supplier and fabric distributer Dayview Textiles for supplying me with such beautiful fabrics! If you want to see all of the fabrics I’ll be using in this Quilt Along, check out this post where I share them all with you!


2 responses to “Star Sampler Quilt | Block #4: Janet’s Star”

  1. I just love you and yr tutorials on everything…you are a beautiful lovely person…you are so detailed in yr tutorials…so easy to follow yr instructions….I’m so happy I found you…you’re a breath of fresh air….yr quilts and embroidery are gorgeous…I’m going to be making the blocks from yr tutorials…plus I love yr videos on yr likes, yr sewing room…yr happy place to go…me too.
    Thank you and I’ll be keeping up with you dear..
    Havery a great day dear


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