Star Sampler Quilt | Block #11: Square & Star

PATTERN SHEET: Star Sampler Quilt BLOCK11

A big hello to you on this chilly May day! Late Autumn has definitely set in here in Australia… The afternoons are turning darker earlier, the chill in the air is becoming more bitter each morning and the Ugg boots are already getting a good workout at home! And it’s finally tea drinking season and I’m loving it! 🙂

In today’s post I’m sharing with you the second last block that we’ll be making in my Star Sampler QAL! It’s a beautiful chunky-like star called the Square & Star. Personally, I’ve never heard (or really seen) of it before. It’s one of those blocks that looks tricky from the outside but once you peek inside and see the simple units that make up the block, it’s one of those easy-peasy ones that you can make within 45 minutes or so.

Have fun with mixing different contrast fabrics together for this block. The bolder the contrast, the better the block will look I think! Or if you want, stick with a favourite solid or bold all-over print for the ‘square’ and ‘star’ bits and it’ll turn out just as great!

As always, everything you’ll need to know in regards to the measurement and cutting information as well as the fabrics* I’ve use to piece this block together are in the pattern sheet linked at the beginning of this post! If you would like to use a similar 12.5″ set square as me, you can find it here: June Tailor Get-Squared 12.5″ Ruler.


Like I mention in the video, block 12 has been a long time coming and I thank and appreciate everyone for being so patient with me! Block 12 is the one design that I’ve been so excited to make! It’s final layout, I think, will be very effective and really add an element of interest to the finished quilt top! The final hint for this block is that it’s similar to an Ohio Star block but it’s not an Ohio Star block… If you get what I mean! 🙂

Until that tutorial comes out…

Happy Sewing, Friends!


PS. Keep sharing your blocks with me on Instagram using the hashtag: #AmandasQuiltAlong!

*A big thanks to Australian wholesale supplier and fabric distributer Dayview Textiles for supplying me with such beautiful fabrics! If you want to see all of the fabrics I’ll be using in this Quilt Along, check out this post where I share them all with you!


2 responses to “Star Sampler Quilt | Block #11: Square & Star”

  1. Hi Amanda, you have a typo in your printable sheet. It should say second print fabric cut 4: 4.5″ squares. Love the block, different to any I’ve seen before. Thanks for all your hard work.


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