My 30th Birthday Weekend

Let’s be honest, I’m not one for the attention that birthdays bring. I’m a typical wall-flower type of gal who likes to happily sit in the wings and watch the world float by.

However, the week leading up to along with the weekend that my 30th fell on, ended up being one of the busiest I’ve had in a long time…

So you know how I rave on about being a Florist and such? Well I actually put my skills into use and only did flowers for my first ever wedding!!!

The bride was the daughter of a family I’ve grown up with pretty much most of my life, so it was an honour to be asked and to contribute to her and her husband-to-be’s magical day.

Prep for the big day began early Thursday morning with trip one of two to the Sydney Flower Markets. Day one concentrated on getting foliages – leaves and greenery. Friday, day two, was all about the flowers! And boy did we get lots of flowers! The colour palette was whites, blush pinks, peaches and soft and rustic pastel colours and highlights.

I managed to pick up an array of perfectly coloured Roses, in-season Ranunculus, darling peachy and white Spray Roses, beautifully perfumed Stock, fluffy stalks of Babies Breath and Carnations, feathery lime-green Aspidistra and a whole host of other fun blooms and greeny bits.

The rest of Friday was a bit of a blur of gum leaves, chatter and laughter (I had a good friend come over and help for the day! She’s a real legend!), unnecessary faffing over flower placements, over-the-top swooning over beautiful blooms and total contentment in the sheer joy of what I was doing. (Even though my stress level was at about a 9 out of 10! There was even a moment early in the day when I had a small panic attack that I hadn’t bought enough Roses! No need to worry, I had plenty in the end!)

The Bride’s Bouquet (not finished)

After another early start on the day of the wedding to get all of the last minute ribboning and packaging done, it was off to the venue to set up flowers for the ceremony, the three tier cake, the bridal party and reception tables.

Bridal Party Flowers in the back of my tiny car, ready for delivery!

The ceremony and wedding itself was beautiful. The bride and her maids looked gorgeous, the groom and his men were very handsome and everything went smoothly. Safe to say, I slept well that night!! 😀


The next day it was my birthday!

I spent a quite morning at home, cleaning up my mess from the past three days. I even made myself a birthday bouquet out of the few left over flowers that didn’t quite make the cut for the wedding!

Then my family and friends all gathered at a local high-rise restaurant that served High Tea and chatted and laughed the afternoon away.

We had a birthday cake, lots of cute little bit-sized treats, scones with jam and cream, fancy hot teas and fresh yummy sandwiches.

It was such a lovely day spent with my close family and friends. Not too much fuss was made and I took the day and birthday wishes as they came. Which is always enough for this quiet little wall-flower!


Before I go, a BIG thank you to all of you for your lovely birthday wishes you left me either on my YouTube channel, Instagram or Facebook. I appreciated every single one!

Happy Sewing, Friends!



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8 thoughts on “My 30th Birthday Weekend”

  1. I showed the photo of the bridal bouquet to my husband and he told me (without any prompt) “her flowers look almost exactly like yours!” I have to say I was quite proud of him to remember my flowers, especially since we just celebrated our ten year anniversary in April!
    Amanda, the flowers are simply lovely and I’m so happy to hear what a wonderful birthday you had!


  2. Happy Birthday! May you continue to be blessed and bloom as you are a sweet fragrance of joy in your quilting and flower talents that you share! I have so enjoyed all you do for the quilting community, and your enthusiasm to try other talents like floristry! May God bless you today and always! Happy Birthday!


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