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My 30th Birthday Weekend

Let’s be honest, I’m not one for the attention that birthdays bring. I’m a typical wall-flower type of gal who likes to happily sit in the wings and watch the world float by. However, the week leading up to along with the weekend that my 30th fell on, ended up being one of the busiest… Continue reading My 30th Birthday Weekend

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Analysing a Floral Stitchery

About a week ago I finished stitching a lovely floral embroidery that I had sitting on my desk waiting to be started for about six months or so. It was one of those designs that as soon as I saw it, I just had to make it! Quite often I find myself go in and… Continue reading Analysing a Floral Stitchery


May 19th: A Fab Week with Flowers!

Just a quick one today! I wanted to share with you a few of the designs I made in class this week… I’ve had such a wonderful week at Floristry school! It’s one of the first times since I started when I didn’t want the week to end because I was enjoying what I was… Continue reading May 19th: A Fab Week with Flowers!

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May 14th: Visiting the Sydney Flower Markets!

Since starting my Floristry course a few months ago, I’ve been visiting the Sydney Flower MarketsΒ early most Saturday mornings to buy my flowers for class the follow week. To be honest, for a while there I was so intimidated by the place that I really struggled with the thought of going each week. It’s a… Continue reading May 14th: Visiting the Sydney Flower Markets!

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May 3rd: Honest Tales of a Floristry Student

So if you didn’t know, at the beginning of this year I started a Floristry course after always wanting to do so ever since my last year in high school. Safe to say I’m really enjoying it and am learning a lot about flowers and plants than I ever thought I would! So in today’s… Continue reading May 3rd: Honest Tales of a Floristry Student