Star Sampler Quilt | Quilt Top Construction


Sorry it’s been a while a since I last checked in on my Star Sampler Quilt Along! Things have been crazy over on this side of the computer monitor. Work. Family. Sickness. Winter. The list goes on and on! But hooray! After many weeks of coming and going with filming this tutorial, I finally got it finished! Whew!

Hopefully my little hiatus has given you the time to catch up on completing all 12 Star blocks and are now ready to sash and piece them all together! Cos that’s what we’re doing today!

When placing the blocks into their final positions, feel free to mix them up and place blocks in any order you wish. Also, if you want to make your sashing and border pieces wider than mine than that’s okay too! Just be aware that the wider and longer you make your quilt top, the more batting and backing fabric you’ll need in the next part!

As always, everything you’ll need to know in regards to the measurement and cutting information as well as the fabrics* I’ve use to piece the quilt top together are in the pattern sheet linked at the beginning of this post!


Depending on my work schedule and other social thingys I’ve got happening over the next month or so, I hope to get started on the next stage of the Quilt Along very soon! (Fingers crossed for next week!!) Now that the blocks have been pieced together and a lovely quilt top has emerged, I can’t wait to see it finished in it’s all glory! The fabrics I’ve chosen for the backing and binding are going to finish the quilt off beautifully!! So exciting!!

I hope you’re all having a lovely week and enjoy the weekend ahead!!

Happy Sewing, Friends!



*A big thanks to Australian wholesale supplier and fabric distributer Dayview Textiles for supplying me with such beautiful fabrics! If you want to see all of the fabrics I’ll be using in this Quilt Along, check out this post where I share them all with you!