Essential Tools For The Beginner Quilter

Now, I’m not sure how many of you who are reading this little post are beginners…

But, if you are, you’ve stumbled upon the right blog at the right time!


Because my latest little quilty-chat video is all about the essential tools that I believe you’ll need when starting out in the quilting game.

There are tons of different tools that we (as more experienced quilters) could try and convince you (the naive beginner quilter) to begin with – i.e. fancy rulers, differing thread weights, designer patterns, expensive sewing machines.

But, I think it’s more important to arm you, newbie patchworkers, with the most simple and basic tools to get started with. And then, as you become more confident and dedicated to your craft, by all means go get those fancy rulers that will help perfect your HSTs (that is Half Square Triangles); go and buy every shade of your favourite weighted thread; stalk those uber-cool quilt pattern designers on Instagram (a guilty pleasure!); and treat yourself to that sewing machine you’ve had your eye on for the past six months!

By the way, I am no professional when it comes to knowing what is best for each individual quilter. I chose the items stated in this video from experience when I worked at Spotlight. Eager newbie quilters would come into our store and ask, ‘What do I need to make a quilt?’. And so, this is what I would direct them to…

Here’s a list of all the items featured in this video:

Quilting Step By Step’ by Maggi Gordon
The Practical Guide to Patchwork’ by Elizabeth Hartman
– Fiskars Classic Stick rotary cutters, 28mm and 45mm
– Sew Easy Quilt-N-Sew Ruler, 14″x5″
– Fiskars Self-Healing Double-Sided cutting mat, 18″x24″
– Mundial Dressmakers Shears, 9 1/2″
– Tonic Studios Non Stick Precision Scissors
– Birch Quilters No-Melt Flower Head pins
– Birch Quilters Tape Measure, 300cm/120″
– Gutermann threads, 100% Cotton and 100% Polyester, 250m spools
– Clover Seam Ripper
– Philips Iron | Model: Azur
– Birch Quilters Curved Steel Safety Pins, 27mm
– Birch Quilt Basting Spray, 350g can
– Brother Innovis 200QE Sewing Machine (not seen)

So if are that eager newbie quilter – welcome to the fun, the creativity, the endless possibilities and ever evolving world of quilting!

You’ll love it!!



Happy Sewing!!


P.S. Come visit my YouTube Channel for more quilty content!


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4 thoughts on “Essential Tools For The Beginner Quilter”

  1. I love your blog you really crack me up, just wandering/curious about using Birch Quilt Basting Spray. Firstly I have never used basting spray and didn’t know you could in Australia. I guess I have never seen it. Anywho extra info about using the spray would be great as I have zero experience. I wouldn’t call myself an expert but not completely new to the quilting scene either. Great to see an Australian quilting blog


    1. Thank you! I’m so happy that you understand my sense of humour!!
      With spray basting, I found this YouTube video helpful – – It’s a bit dated and daggy but it gives a great visual of the how-to.
      If you want to give it go, practice on a few scrap pieces of fabric/batting and see what you think of it.
      I bought my can at Spotlight – they usually have them with all the quilting accessories and fabrics.
      Good luck with it all and thanks for stopping by my little blog! 😀


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