So Many Side Projects!

This is how my sewing list works…

I have a main project/quilt on the go at all times – currently it’s my Friendship Star Quilt, which is in a state of half-started quiltiness!

Then I have lots of other little side projects sprouting out from my sewing room, (usually lying on a coffee table or sitting mid-stitch on my desk), that I seem to begin to occupy/procrastinate my time with.

This post is dedicated to those side projects that are currently distracting me away from quilting this!

{Side Project #ONE}

Stop Motion Embroidery

When I get a chance to sit down in front of the telebox, I’m coolly stitching away at this number.

Heart Embroidery
It’s current state!

Every two minutes I take a photo of my progress, resulting in an effect that looks a little like this.

I’m so close to finishing this one! Hopefully I’ll be able to edit and upload it within the next few weeks!

{Side Project #TWO}

Mother’s Day Appliqué

This Sunday in Australia we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day and because I’m as broke-as-two-bob-watch, I’m making this for my mum!

Ready to start stitching!
Ready to start stitching!

It’s a sweet little applique design I found in a quilting book in my library called 101 Full-Sized Blocks.

I thought this would be cheaper and a lot more personal than buying her real flowers – at least these ones won’t die in three days!

I’ll hand-stitch a satin/buttonhole stitch around all of the shapes, baste and bind it turning it into a mini wall quilt.

{Side Project #THREE}

Heart Block Video Tutorial

Another Quilty Tutorial is on its way to be uploaded onto my YouTube Channel.

You may’ve seen this cheeky little sketch in my Instagram feed a week or so ago…


I’ve always loved the pixelated looking heart block design…

So I’ve drawn up my own design and will be sharing the how-to process with you very soon!

{Side Project #FOUR}

Mini Spool Wall Quilts

Mini Spools

I made up these blocks sometime late last year and have been wondering what to do with them ever since.

Happily, I was inspired by my Mother’s Day project and quickly whipped them up in one evening to the point of just stitching on the binding.

The over-all purpose of these making these little wall quilts is to sell them in my online madeit store,Love along with Side Project #FIVE…

{Side Project #FIVE}

Little Wallets

I made some more of these this week and still have another three waiting to be completed!

Little Purses

These five pretty little purses are waiting to be sent out to new homes…

If you live in Australia and are searching for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift, these could be what you’re looking for!


So there we have it. Five little side projects waiting their turn for my attention.

Well actually, some of them aren’t really that little

If only there were more hours in the day…



Happy Sewing!


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