TUTORIAL | 7 Basic Embroidery Stitches

I’ve had quite a few request to make this video over the last few months, so I thought I’d finally get my act together and do it for you!

The stitches I cover include:

Back Stitch
Split Stitch
Stem Stitch
Chain Stitch
Blanket Stitch
Satin Stitch
French Knot

It’s quite a quick and very visually jammed-packed kinda video…

Let me know if you could keep up!! 😀

In this tutorial I use:

DMC thread/floss,
A no.7 embroidery needle
White 100% cotton homespun fabric
A 125mm/5″ round wooden embroidery hoop

And these are the books I recommend for any beginners out there:

‘The Stitch Bible’ by Kate Haxell

‘Embroidery’ by Penny Black, India Flint and Vicki Porter

‘Doodle Stitching’ by Aimee Ray


There are lots of other things beginning, growing and expanding in my sewing room atm!

This being one of them…

HSTs in progress!
HSTs in progress!

Think a ton of 2″ (ish) HSTs, lots of scrappy fabrics and a colour way of pretty blues & greens!!

Such fun!

Cheerio Friends


Happy Sewing!


PS. Have you noticed something different??

My lovely blog has had a little make over!

Modern, clean and simple yet still keeping a lot of the features from the previous themes I’ve had.

This particular theme is called ‘Sorbet’ (ohh, lovely!).


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