Stop-Motion Embroidery #3

Every few minutes or so I would ‘down tools’ and take a photo of how far I had progressed in completing this little embroidery.

This was the result…

In all honesty, I have no idea how long this actually took me, as it was one of those projects that I kept coming back to over a period of three months.

But know this… While I was making this embroidery I watched all four season of Downton Abbey (love that show!!) as well as childhood movies like Hook! (one of my favourite Robin Williams movies) and Peter Pan (oh, to never grow up!).

Create Embroidery 2

Here’s a bit more info about this embroidery…

– Music: ‘Mermaids’ by Jinja Safari
– Pattern: Urban Threads
– Embroidered onto 100% Cotton Linen
– Backed with light-weight fusible interfacing
– Traced using a HB lead pencil
– Hoop: Semco, size 260mm (10″)
– I use DMC threads/floss with a no. 7 sized embroidery needle
– Captured using a Canon Power Shot SX280 HS camera
– Embroidered using back-stitch

I’ve also made two other Stop-Motion Embroidery videos. Here are the links if you wish to see them as well!

Stop-Motion Embroidery #1 – Flowers

Stop-Motion Embroidery #2 – Heart

Happy Stitching Friends!!


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2 thoughts on “Stop-Motion Embroidery #3

    1. Hello!
      In the Flower Embroidery, I used a few different stitches including a backstitch and french knots for the purple & red flowers and a chain stitch on the yellow and blue. 😊


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