Analysing a Floral Stitchery

About a week ago I finished stitching a lovely floral embroidery that I had sitting on my desk waiting to be started for about six months or so. It was one of those designs that as soon as I saw it, I just had to make it!

Quite often I find myself go in and out of favourite styles or types of ways to be creative; whether it be simple patchwork piecing, quilting, crafting or a bit of delicate embroidery. So at a time where I was struggling to find the time and energy to do anything creative because of my work schedule and other life-y responsibilities, my itchy fingers and restless mind were in desperate need to do something fun, colourful, beautiful and creative! (Also the fact that I was in the mood for snuggling up on the lounge with a favourite quilt and re-watching one of my favourite movie franchises: The Lord of the Rings – Extended Editions played a huge role in getting this embroidery started!)

So this is where the nerdy part starts; A basic analysation of an embroidery…

When figuring out what colours to use for this design, I put my Florist hat on and thought sensibly about what kind of flowers where in it and what types of colours they would be in real life. I knew instantly that I wanted to use a variegated purple thread for the fluffy hydrangeas on the left hand side and at the back of the arrangement. Hydrangeas come in so many beautiful colours and shades and I wanted to really show the lighter and darker changes that the little flowers making up a hydrangea head have.

That big rose right of centre had to be red! It needed to be centre stage; fluffy, full and magnificent! Again, I used a variegated thread for this to add interest and to give a little bit more depth to the overall design. Its lovely little friend behind it is a couple of shades lighter, a little bit more fuller and finished again with a variegated thread full of luscious shades of oranges, pinks and reds.

The other elements of the arrangement (know as ‘filler’ flowers in the world of floristry) I also wanted to be true-ish to life and not take away initial interest of the main flowers. The deep greens and flowing golds compliment the overall colour scheme and design, while the heavy navy vase cements the design adding shape, roundness and a finality to the arrangement. In early plans I was actually going to embroider the vase a metallic gold but as the embroidery got along, I thought if I did that there would be too much gold/yellow tones in the design. By using a near opposite colour from the colour wheel, the navy vase compliments everything perfectly!

So there you have it. I little peak into how my brain worked out how to apply colour to this darling embroidery. Whether you found this post dead boring or super helpful, I hoped you enjoyed watching this embroidery come to life. And if you saw it all unfold on Instagram, thank you for enjoying the endless ‘spam’ of my work-in-progress!

Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect frame so that I can hang this beauty on a wall in my sewing room and swoon over it every time I notice it! I love finding old frames at charity shops so I think that’s what I’ll do when I next get the chance!

Also, if you would love to make this embroidery too, I found the pattern on one of my favourite websites that have a great range of embroidery designs, Urban Threads.


And now I’m onto the ‘what’s next?’ phase.

Although I have a tonne of other projects to finish (*cough* Star Sampler Quilt Along! *cough*), I’m always on the hunt and yearning to start something new! Here though, is a quick list of immediate projects I’ve got going and/or want to start very soon!

  • Star Sampler Quilt Along to finish (the quilt-top construction tutorial will hopefully be ready this coming week!)
  • Pixelated Rose Quilt  to continue piecing (see my Instagram for more updates!)
  • New crafty YouTube Tutorials to plan and film (includes a lunch tote bag, flower crown and floral wreath and of course more block tutorials!)
  • A winter coat to lay out, cut and sew together (yep, the inner dressmaker in me is dying to break out!!)
  • Swoon. I have yet another Swoon block waiting patiently for me to piece together (this one involves a beautiful colour palette of purple Tula Pink fabrics!)

There’s just so much I want and need to do! It can be awfully overwhelming at times… But little-by-little I’ll get there and do it all to the best of my ability!

I hope you’re all enjoying a splendid period of creativeness and are enjoying whatever it is that you’re currently making!

Happy Sewing, Friends!



Stop-Motion Embroidery #3

Every few minutes or so I would ‘down tools’ and take a photo of how far I had progressed in completing this little embroidery.

This was the result…

In all honesty, I have no idea how long this actually took me, as it was one of those projects that I kept coming back to over a period of three months.

But know this… While I was making this embroidery I watched all four season of Downton Abbey (love that show!!) as well as childhood movies like Hook! (one of my favourite Robin Williams movies) and Peter Pan (oh, to never grow up!).

Create Embroidery 2

Here’s a bit more info about this embroidery…

– Music: ‘Mermaids’ by Jinja Safari
– Pattern: Urban Threads
– Embroidered onto 100% Cotton Linen
– Backed with light-weight fusible interfacing
– Traced using a HB lead pencil
– Hoop: Semco, size 260mm (10″)
– I use DMC threads/floss with a no. 7 sized embroidery needle
– Captured using a Canon Power Shot SX280 HS camera
– Embroidered using back-stitch

I’ve also made two other Stop-Motion Embroidery videos. Here are the links if you wish to see them as well!

Stop-Motion Embroidery #1 – Flowers

Stop-Motion Embroidery #2 – Heart

Happy Stitching Friends!!


Stop-Motion Embroidery!

Fresh off the press and ripe for viewing is a new YouTube video made 100% by me! Yaaay!!

Watch as I bring this beautifully sweet and simple embroidery pattern to life!

This video seems to simply fit into what life is all about at the moment in Australia – spring, flowers, colour, fragrance, good music and an abundance of wicked creativeness!

As previously mentioned in my last post, I purchased the pattern from Urban Threads (for a buck may I just add!) as a PDF download.

If you’re in need for some awesomely modern inspiration and/or embroidery patterns, check these guys out!

Happy Sewing Friends! xx



Spring Embroidering

It’s been a slow week on the sewing front, but I did manage to finally finish my Double Wrench Mini Block Quilt top! Yay!

Completed | Double Wrench Mini Block Quilt top
Completed | Double Wrench Mini Block Quilt – top only

The final measurements are approx.: 118cm x 133cm (46½” x 52½”).

I’m currently productively procrastinating (a big juxtaposition if I’ve ever heard one!) from completing a pieced back for the quilt and am instead concentrating on an embroidery project/idea I’ve been meaning to do for ages!

I spent this morning stitching in the glorious Spring sunshine, amongst the buzzing bees and twittering birds, anxious to get this mission finished!

Embroidering in the Spring sun upon my Small Plates Lap Quilt
Embroidering in the Spring sun upon my Small Plates Lap Quilt

This project involves stop-motion photography and a looming YouTube video and I’m pretty excited to get it finished, as all the stills so far are looking really great!

This is where I’m up to so far as I wait for my camera battery to re-charge!

Embroidery Pattern from
Embroidery Pattern from

So that’s it for today; short and sweet!

There’s nothing better!

Happy Sewing Friends! xx