September 15th: The Start of a New Quilt!

I finally got the chance to cut and play with these gorgeous Wildwood fabrics today! Yip-yip!!



This range (mine, unfortunately, is incomplete) was designed by Elizabeth Olwen for Cloud9 Fabrics, is 100% certified organic cotton and is an absolute dream to work with! I love it so much!!


…Am I the only who keeps the selvedges because they’re too pretty to throw away?!

So I’ve had the idea swirling around my head for quite a while to try out the Mountain Block with these fabrics. I thought, because the range is called ‘Wildwood’ and mountains are usually surrounded by wood, that it would sort of tie-in together nicely. Plus the fact that I’ve seen some beautiful quilts on Pinterest using the block and thought they looked ah-mazing! So after a good bit of research and trialling the block out, I begun the real thing today with really good results so far!

This is the very early stages of the quilt top…


I’m still not 100% sure of the final layout – there are lots of options – but I thought I’d figure that out once all of the blocks have been made and I’m able to swap and reposition things until I’m happy with what I see. I’ve also added a few darker neutrals in the mix to help break up the white. I’m pretty happy with how well that’s working out as well!

A Mountain Block

Good news, I will be doing a tutorial on this block! It’s currently planned to come out on Friday and you’ll be so surprised at just how simple it is to make! I’ll also be doing another tutorial-type-thing on how to make the quilt in a blog post sometime next week!

So in those tutorials I’ll show you how to cut and piece the blocks together as well as show you the different kinds of quilt top layouts you can choose to create with the block, along with all of the measurements, cutting info and associated numbers needed to make the quilt! Should be fun!

I’m now off to piece some more blocks together!

A Happy Tuesday to you!



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6 thoughts on “September 15th: The Start of a New Quilt!”

  1. Amanda, your blocks look stunning. I too love cloud 9. I’m actually wearing a dress I’ve made from their voile range right now. I can’t wait to see your finished blocks. You make me want to learn how to quilt every time I see one of your quilts.

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