TUTORIAL: RJR Fabrics ‘In The Kitchen’ Pieced Apron

Hello Friends!

It’s time to dive straight back into the swing of things and get cracking on a new sewing tutorial!

And the first one of the New Year is a fun little Pieced Apron made using a new fabric range from RJR Fabrics called, ‘In The Kitchen’ by Patrick Lose!


As soon as I saw this range, I knew I had to get my hands on some and get creating! I think the range has some of the fun-est kitchen-y prints that I’ve seen in a long time and some of the colour names are simply spot-on perfect! They include – Butter, Paprika, Chocolate, Cocoa, Salt and Saffron! Ooo, so delicious!!

But back to the tutorial at hand… I called this project a ‘Pieced Apron’ as it’s made in three sections or stages that are then all sewn together to create our apron! Easy!


**Behind the scenes trivia**
If you look closely, the design of this pattern was inspired and loosely designed off the apron featured in a few of the prints in the range! What do you think??


So everything you’ll need to know on how to make this apron is in the video as well as listed below it. There I’ve written out all of the measurement and cutting instructions along with the name and colour of the fabrics I’ve used for each piece. TIP: Take your time as you watch and follow along in the video, pausing and catching up at any stage that you feel necessary. 🙂


Top half of the apron:
– For the front cut: x1: 10”x12” rectangle from the fabric: ‘Kitchenware’ in the colour Butter.
– For the top trim cut: x1: 1¾”x12” rectangle from the fabric: ‘Silhouettes’ in the colour Fresca.
– For the neck loop cut: x1: 3”x26” rectangle from the fabric: ‘Utensils’
in the colour Eggshell.
– For the lining cut: x1: 11¼”x12” rectangle from the fabric: ‘Tile’ in the colour Multi.

Apron pocket:
– For the front cut: x1: 6”x12” rectangle from the fabric: ‘Hot Pads’ in the colour Fresca.
– For the top trim cut: x1: 1¾”x12” rectangle from the fabric: ‘Silhouettes’ in the colour Fresca.
– For the lining cut: x1: 7¼”x12” rectangle from the fabric: ‘Tile’ in the colour Multi.

Bottom half of the apron:
– For the front cut: x1: 20”x30” rectangle from the fabric: ‘Silhouettes’ in the colour Paprika.
– For the top trim cut: x1: 1¾”x30” rectangle from the fabric: ‘Silhouettes’ in the colour Fresca.
– For the apron ties cut: x2: 3”xWOF strips from the fabric: ‘Utensils’
in the colour Eggshell.
– For the lining cut: x1: 21¼”x30” rectangle from the fabric: ‘Tile’ in the colour Multi.

Also, here’s a list of all of the NOTIONS & TOOLS I used in this tutorial:

– Brother Innovis 200QE sewing machine
– Brother ¼” piecing foot
– Gutermann polyester thread (white)
– OLFA Cutting Mat
– Fiskars Rotary Blade (28mm) & thread snips
– Sew Easy Rulers
– Birch Non-Melt Flower Head Quilting Pins
– Philips Azur Steam Iron
– Mundial 9½” Fabric Scissors
– 300cm (120″) tape measure
– Plastic Chopstick (or pointing tool)
– 7″ saucer/plate
– Lead Pencil


If you’re just as smitten with this range as I am, here are a few places online where you can get the ‘In The Kitchen’ collection!

Patrick Lose Studios

Missouri Quilt Company

So next week I’ll be doing one more project featuring this collection… It’ll be a two parter (videos will be up on Wednesday and Friday) and will feature a fun Foundation Paper Piecing pattern designed by me that will then be sewn into a sweet wallhanging!

Annnddd there’s gonna be a giveaway!! Whee!!! 😀

Happy Sewing, Friends!



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6 thoughts on “TUTORIAL: RJR Fabrics ‘In The Kitchen’ Pieced Apron”

  1. LOVE this apron! I love to cook, not much of a baker, but I do love cooking and I need aprons. You can’t seem to find them anymore, and I am a messy cook. I usually put a tea towel or dish towel tucked into my waistband and when I get something on my hands I just wipe my hands across the towel. Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) I forget to tuck the towel and I have ruined more clothes that way…ha ha ha. Love the line fabric and I am for sure going to buy a few yards. and make a few of these aprons and switch the material around. ;0-)


  2. hi amanda

    i followed your quilt sampler tutorial and wanted to send you a photo of my completed quilt

    i am SO PROUD of myself and want to thank you for your wonderful, encouraging videos.

    don’t think i could have accomplished this if not for you.

    p.s fabrics are assorted patterns, but backed in downtown abbey fabric.

    is there a preferred way for me to share these photos with you?

    hope this email does not go into spam!



    Liked by 1 person

  3. Adorable! few homemakers wear an apron anymore, but I have fond memories of Grandma in her simple calico one, and so glad to see the trend coming back around. I only seem to wear one at holidays. We should! I always end up with a wet front when doing the dishes! Love the fabrics, and you did a great job matching the print.
    When we lived in Japan, those ladies had beautiful white cover ups, looked like the front of a blouse, with embroidery or lace at the inset bodice, and elbow length sleeves with elastic: although few wore them anymore, the elastic was to hold kimono sleeves up the arm and out of the way! Next, we have to make a tabard style with the fabrics! looks better on well endowed ladies like me, hee hee!

    big hug from Colorado! Sharon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!
      My mum always says that her mum and her aunties would always wear an apron around the house to protect their clothes. That concept can be quite foreign these days! Me, I always try to wear an apron when I’m baking or cooking – I always seem to get flour everywhere!! 😀


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