An Update from my Sewing Room… #6

Hello Friends!!

It’s always so lovely to find the time to sit and write and share and catchup with you!

I must admit, my blog has very sadly been neglected over the past few months… Life has seem to find the accelerator pedal and made the past few weeks just fly by! (I mean, can you believe it’s the middle of February already!! Geez!)

So as always, there are lots and lots of new exciting things to catchup you up on – so let’s dive in!

first update – floristry!

I’m a student once more and no ordinary student at that! I’m learning how to become a Florist!


I’ve always wanted to study floristry ever since I was in my last year at high school. (I’ve also always been into gardening and growing my own plants, veggies, herbs and fruits. A trait inherited from my dad and paternal grandfather.) But things and experiences prevented me from pursuing it until late last year when I was very randomly reminded of my early interest in wanting to do it. So I did some research and found out that one of the local TAFE colleges in my area offered the very course I was interested in! Yay! So I applied and begun the course on the 1st February!


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some new photos of flowers and arrangements and be thinking, ‘why?’…. And now you know! Of course I’ll keep posting pictures of my sewing adventures and life adventures and other sorts of things, but now pretty florals and bouquets will be added to the mix as well!


second update – youtube

Now, you may be thinking if I’m studying floristry does that mean no more tutorials, videos, blogging, sewing, crafting…??!!

No. I will never stop sewing! Patchwork and quilting is my life! I’ve found that if I’m ever having a personal crisis or have had a bad day or am feeling blue or even 100% happy, I know that I can always rely on sewing to cheer me up, to put me back in the right mind set and to remind me that life is good. 🙂

And I love sharing that with you! I love teaching and helping you out. I love inspiring you and watching you grow in your skills and confidence. I have so many great things planned to share with you on my YouTube channel and blog this year and I’m so excited to get stuck into them!

However, now that my time is being shared with my studies there will be times when videos may be late or go up on the wrong date or not go up at all from week-to-week. (I may even change my upload day soon – I’ll let you know when and if I do!) It really will depend on how busy the week gets with study, family life, prior commitments etc. But just know I will always do my best to get something up and out to you each week!

And just as a sneak-peek to those of you who read my blog, here are a few of the tutorials/videos coming up on my channel over the next month or so… (in no particular order, btw!)


– My Mini Quilt Collection

– Ocean Waves Block Tutorial

– Boxy Zipper Pouch Tutorial

– February Favourites

– Behind the Scenes: The Tutorial Edition*

(*This will be a video showing you how I film, edit and produce my block tutorials. It’ll be the behind the scenes of the Ocean Waves block!)

– And there’s the potential of a mini Spotlight Fabric Haul if you would like to see it… Let me know if you do!


third update – sugar block club

This year I decided to jump on the band wagon and join in on one of Amy’s from Stitchery Dickory Dock Sugar Block Clubs. (Click here if you want to learn more about it!)

These are the two blocks I’ve made so far for January and February – Churn Dash and Log Cabin variations!


I’ve decided to use solids for each of my blocks as I absolutely love using them at the moment! (Plus, I have lots of solid fabric to get through!) I’m sticking with a neutral creamy colour for the background which will help each of the colours I choose to sing and show off the designs in each block. I’m so excited to see where this quilt will end up!


fourth update – happy mail!

Although I’ve already thanked her, I just want to acknowledge and share this lovely gift that a wonderful friend, reader and viewer sent me last week!


Carissa made me this super cute little ‘thank you’ wall hanging/mini in the design of an envelope, featuring hand embroidered details, beautiful little sample fabrics from her HST Sampler Quilt along with a gorgeous little frenchie bulldog fussy cut for the fabric postage stamp!! Ahh, soooo cute!!

Along with this, she so generously sent lots of fun things like Pop Tarts and a selection of American candies, binding clips, a Buzz Lightyear Mug (!!) and so many other awesome little things!

And so again Carissa, thank you so much for sending me such a lovely, generous and thoughtful package! You’re truly the best! (Can you tell I’m still on a bit of a high from all of it?! Te-he!)


And that’s the update done! (There’ll be a fifth update but I’m going to make that into a separate post – it’ll be all about my Four-Patch Love Heart Block tutorial!)

 I’m so looking forward to completing my floristry course and perhaps sharing some flower care and construction tips with you some time!

And, I’m quite eager to get those tutorials underway and share them with you asap!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead,

Happy Sewing, Friends!



3 responses to “An Update from my Sewing Room… #6”

  1. Hi Amanda
    Just writing to say that I have been following your blog and YouTube channel – and recently Instagram as well – for quite some time now, and I really enjoy to follow all your creativ inputs.
    I love to pop into my sewing room to make, create and enjoy. Love to quilt and you are such an inspiration- Thank you so much for that :o)
    The funny thing is, that I har been working parttime on/off in a florist shop for about 5 years. I have never fully managed to learn how to tie bouquets, though. So I decided to take a 3 week course i April and I’m really looking forward to it.
    So whising you all the best with your floristry studies, hoping to see lots more on IG :o) Enjoy!
    Best regards from
    Line 40+

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment and for following me along in my sewing pursuits!
      Best of luck in your own floristry studies! I’ve only just recently learnt how to tie off and finish a basic bouquet – bit tricky at first but with practice I’m getting better! 🙂


  2. Wow, you’ve got a lot going on…but it’s better to be busy than idle 🙂

    I’ve also joined Amy’s Sugar Block club and I plan to use scraps or FQs that have been sitting in my stash. That mini quilt envelope is just, just adorable!! Yes, I would love to see your fabric haul from Spotlight.

    Have a great week!


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