May 4th: Sewing & Craft Books Haul!


The other day I naively walked into my local Spotlight and stumbled upon the biggest bargain in my life!

And that was a wonderful selection of beautifully published sewing and craft books by Stash Books on sale for $2.99 each! Each!! Oh. Em. Gee!

I just simply couldn’t believe it!

So like any sane quilter, I had a good rummage through the titles and piled up each one that took my fancy!

So let’s have a look at what I got…

Pillow Pop, compiled by Heather Bostic (2013)

So the title of the first one pretty much explains everything! It’s a gorgeous little book full of 25 quick and easy pillow patterns and ideas by some of the leading makers in the modern quilting movement. As I flick through it, my eye keeps catching on some super basic but very effective patterns and designs. Some of these include autumnal chevrons, fresh drunken path blocks, darling little Union Jacks (a must make!!) as well as rainbow flying geese and sunburst dresden plates! So if you’re crazy for making gorgeous pillows and cushions for the home, this book is a must for any quilter’s library!

Scandinavian Stitches, by Kajsa Wikman (2010)

So with this book, I did what we all shouldn’t do and judged the book by it’s cover and said, YES! I mean, how adorable are some of the darling crafty things on this cover?!! Ohh! So homey and fun! Once I had a quick flick through it at home, I knew I had made a good choice! There are some super fun and aesthetically pleasing projects in this book ranging from patchwork pincushions featuring beautifully free-motioned embroidered words: Sew me! The lovely house and clothesline framed design is a pattern in the book along with the sweet little stuffed houses (or garden sheds!). If you have kids in your life, I think this is a great book to use as inspiration when the next birthday rolls around!

Liberty Love, by Alexia Marcelle Abegg (2013)

I absolutely love Liberty print fabrics!! They feature so many beautifully delicate floral patterns, colours, forms and proportions. I swoon every time I see them! When I get the chance to visit London, Liberty will be one of the first places I’ll go where I’ll make a beeline straight for the fabrics and haberdashery department! Ooo, I can’t wait!! Anyway, back to reality and this lovely book at hand! This one features a great handful of different type of sewing and quilting projects like a Classic Thread Spools Quilt, a modern Medallion Quilt, a fun little dog collar and fabric rosettes, a few easy to construct bags and totes as well as some dressmaking designs like a t-shirt and tunic dress. The photos and over-all layout of the book is just simply darling and sooo Liberty! It’s definitely my kind of sewing book!

Sweetwater’s Simple Home, by Lisa Burnett, Karla Eisenach & Susan Kendrick (2011)

Another title that pretty much sums up the theme of the book – lots of simple projects that can be made for the home! Patterns include a sweet but very modern frilly apron, pot holders, a few fun little quilts, office based projects such as journal covers and lamp shades and then a few things for the kids such big round floor cushions, a checkers board mat and a birthday board made from fabric! There are so many great ideas in here it’s so hard not to just list them all down!

Urban Scandinavian Sewing, by Kirstyn Cogan (2015)

I have to be honest with you again… The only reason why I bought this book (a part from the fact I love the Scandinavian aesthetic!) was for that jolly little Santa softie sitting proudly and oh-so sweetly! What a little legend! But apart from him, there are some really great ideas in this one! Not only is it full of homey sewing projects but it has some delicious Scandinavian recipes, beverages and traditions! There are some fab things to make the kids like the Santa softie, a fabric fish mobile and lovely appliquéd strip quilt! Then there are some great makes for the kitchen as well as a few simple bags and totes. Four words to describe this book – Simple. Fresh. Modern. Humble.

The Practical Guide to Patchwork, by Elizabeth Hartman (2010)

And last but not least, I was able to pick up another copy of one of my all-time favourite quilting books! I will always recommend this one as a great first quilting book to have in your stash. All of the designs are modern and fresh, easy to follow and photographed beautifully. Like all quilting books, right at the beginning there is a dedicated chapter to showing and explaining all of the basic (and more advanced) techniques, tools and materials you will need to know and have to begin patchwork and quilting. In this book, this info is explained in plain english, no fancy-pants words or misleading instructions. It’s straight to the point and super helpful! Some of the projects include blocks such as the square-in-a-square, four-patch and nine-patch as well as plenty of other modern and traditional block forms. Perfect!


Whew! Book haul over!

Now I just have to find a place to put them all! 😀

What’s your favourite quilting/sewing/craft book? I would love to know!

Happy Reading, Friends!



PS. Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th Be With You!
May the 4th Be With You!