HST Sampler Quilt | Block #2: Morning Star


Okay, who’s ready for block two?!

The Morning Star, I think, has to be one of my favourites! I love how bright and vibrant the layout is and how by just using two fabrics in the block it makes it look really effective, humble and simple.

Just like before, everything you’ll need to know in regards to the measurement and cutting information as well as the fabrics* I’ve use to piece this block together are in the pattern sheet linked at the top of this post! If you would like to use the same 12.5″ set square as me, you can find it here: June Tailor Get-Squared 12.5″ Ruler.


Blocks three and four will be coming out on Wednesday and Friday of next week! One of the blocks I’ve made before, while the other is a bit of a traditional one that I thought I’d never make!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend sewing up your blocks! Don’t forget to share them with me and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask at any time! 🙂

Happy Sewing, Friends!!


*A big thanks to Australian wholesale supplier and fabric distributer Dayview Textiles for supplying me with such beautiful fabrics! If you want to see all of the fabrics I’ll be using in this Quilt Along, check out this post where I share them all with you!


Introducing Quilt-Along Series #2 | HST Sampler Quilt!

Happy Day! The time has finally come to introduce to you my next Quilt-Along-With-Me series on my YouTube channel! Yay!

This time around we’ll be doing a HST* Sampler Quilt!

The quilt will be made up of nine 12″ blocks that all feature HSTs in their design. Most of the blocks are quite simple to piece together with only a small handful that may challenge you! So if you’re a lover of HSTs, a hater of HSTs who wants to learn to love them or simply have issues piecing HSTs, then this is the perfect project for you to follow along with!

The blocks we’ll be making are (in order of release): Formal Garden, Morning Star, Contrary Wife, Friendship Star, Shoo-Fly, Mill Wheel, Churn Dash, Open Window (a new variation) and the Windblown Square.

In each block tutorial I’ll let you know all of the measurements and cutting info like I usually do, along with what fabrics I’m using for that block. An information sheet will also be available for you to print off and follow along with at home! (These will be available to download from my blog.)

For this series, I’ll be using a range of fabrics from RJR Fabrics and Cotton+Steel. The main collection is one called The Sultan’s Garden designed by Mary McGuire and soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for this series!

The fabrics I’ve chosen are from the Apricot/Turquoise edition of the collection (there’s also a Berry edition featuring beautiful shades of purples and pinks!).

Here’s a list of each of the fabrics I’ll be using, along with it’s name and where it’ll feature in this Sampler Quilt.


FABRIC NAME: Tulips. This fabric will used in two of the blocks.


FABRIC NAME: Melisa. This fabric will be used in one of the blocks.


FABRIC NAME: Minaret. This fabric will be used in one of the blocks.


FABRIC NAME: Mosaic. This fabric will be used in one of the blocks.


FABRIC NAME: Leila. This fabric will used in two of the blocks.


FABRIC NAME: Blossom. This fabric will be used in three of the blocks.


FABRIC NAME: Stripe. This fabric will be used as the binding for the quilt.


To accompany these prints, I’ve also mixed in two matching XOXO Basics fabrics from Cotton+Steel.


FABRIC NAME: Pink Cheeks. This fabric will be used in three of the blocks.


FABRIC NAME: Dandelion. This fabric will be used in one of the blocks.


To balance out the prints, I’m also using two Cotton Supreme Solids from RJR Fabrics.

FABRIC NAME: Elephantastic Pink (on the left). This fabric will used in two of the blocks.


FABRIC NAME: Blue Skies (on the right). This fabric will be used as the background fabric in all nine blocks as well as for the sashing and borders. (NB: This fabric doesn’t photograph well: in real life it doesn’t look this grey and boring!)


Now in regards to how much fabric you’ll need will all depend on if you’re going to use as many fabrics as I am. If you are, I would recommend in getting no more than a half metre or half yard cut of fabric for each print you’ll be using in your blocks. You possibly could get away with using Fat Quarters, but if you make a mistake with a certain block, you may come up short and I don’t want that to happen to you! For the background fabric, you’ll need at least two metres (2 yards) and no more than 1 metre (1 yard) of fabric for the binding. Once the quilt top has been completed, I’ll share how much backing and batting you’ll need to finish it off!


Now luckily for me, a wonderful Australian wholesale supplier and fabric distributer know as Dayview Textiles very kindly sourced and supplied these beautiful fabrics to me which I am very grateful for! If you’re in Australia and are keen on using the same fabrics as me, pop over to their website to find the nearest quilt store to you that they distribute fabrics to!

If you’re not in Aussie-Land, here are a few places you can purchase these fabrics online… (OH MY GOSH! Fabric.com has everything!)

Fabric.com – The Sultan’s Garden

Fabric.com – XOXO Basics

Fabric.com – Cotton Supreme Solids


I’m so excited about this little series finally starting and I can’t wait to see all of your lovely blocks and potentially beautiful quilts over the next coming weeks!

The video tutorial for block #1 will be out on Wednesday, with block #2 out on Friday!

See you then!

Happy Sewing, Friends!


P.S If there’s any vital information you think I’ve missed, comment below and I’ll add it in!

P.P.S I also uploaded this video to my YouTube channel introducing the series if you’re interested in watching it!

*HST = Half-Square Triangles

RJR Supreme Cotton Fabrics Blog Hop!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been having so much fun choosing, playing, cutting, stitching and just simply swooning over all of these beautiful Cotton Supreme Solids by RJR Fabrics in preparation to join their RJR Supreme Cotton Fabric Blog Hop today!


As soon as I was asked to be a part of it, out came the quilting books and Pinterest searches as I dove straight into planning what I could do to show case as many of the beautiful colours in the range as I could! And once I clasped eyes on the Crown of Thorns block, I knew instantly that it was the perfect one to use!


Now, the idea to create this mini quilt like I have was purely down to the fact that I couldn’t choose between all of the wonderfully vibrant colours I had available to pick from! I was like a little kid with a box full of scrumptious chocolates as I opened the Colour Card that was sent to me! As I unfolded and unfolded and unfolded the card, my eyes lit up every time at the abundant amount of fabrics lined up in perfect colour order. (I’m quite sure a big, ‘Oh, wow!!’ escaped my lips as well!) So because of that, I chose four different variants of four different colours in the range, from lightest to darkest, along with three neutral shades of white, cream and grey to help showcase my colour choices.


To be honest, I had never used Cotton Supreme Solids by RJR Fabrics before, so I was eager to know what the quality would be like. And wow! Was I impressed! The fabrics are so beautiful! Super-soft to handle, the colours are insanely vibrant and true, they’re easy to press and cut and, the best bit, they sew like a dream through the sewing machine! What more could you ask for?! They’re absolutely perfect for any fabric project you could ever dream of making!


I think the thing that I loved most about using these fabrics was the gentle softness in their handle. You know how sometimes you can buy those cheap, nasty like solids that feel rough and stiff and the weave is just slightly more open than it should be…? Well, the Cotton Supreme Solids are the complete opposite to that! They’re like luxury to touch and use, and feel almost satin-like between your fingers…Hmm, heaven! And because of this, they were such a pleasure to sew with! I found it so easy to press, trim and piece the fabrics exactly the way that I wanted without having any unnecessary fuss with fraying edges or unwanted movement when it came to quilting it. And it’s those kind of experiences that make quilting the best thing ever!!


For the quilting, I chose to explore a design I had never really attempted before: the grid! I quilted the lines kind of off-set to the Crown of Thorns block just to add a little bit of interest and movement to the surface of the quilt. It also gave me a great excuse to put to use my new Clover Hera Marker and to see if all the fuss around it was worth it! (And it is, by the way!) Being able to mark my lines before quilting them gave me a lot more confidence in being able to sew a decent straight line while keeping the grid pattern perfectly spaced and even!


Now, if you yourself want to try out these fabrics and see just how wonderful they are to use, RJR Fabrics have hooked me up with a Fat Quarter bundle with every single Cotton Supreme Solid fabric that I’ve used in my mini quilt to GIVEAWAY to you!! Yay!


To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post with what you would love to make with these fabrics if you’re the lucky winner! The giveaway is open internationally and the most creative answer will win! THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!

And also, because I’ve had so much fun making this little mini, I’ve made a tutorial for my YouTube channel showing you how to make it!


Measurement and cutting info:

To make the quilt top you will need to cut from the white fabric:

– x16: 5″ squares

– x5: 4.5″ squares

– x2: 16″ squares

From the grey, cut:

– x4: 4.5″ squares

And then from each of the 16 colours, cut:

– x1: 5″ square

FINAL BLOCK SIZE: 20.5″x20.5″ approx.

To make the rest of the quilt you will need:

– x1: 36″x36″ square of backing fabric

– x1:36″x36″ square of cotton batting

– 12″xWOF cream fabric for the binding (cut into x5: 2.5″ strips)

FINAL QUILT SIZE: 30″x30″ approx.

Cotton Supreme Solid Fabrics I used:

Optical White (33): quilt top and backing

Graystone (155): quilt top centre

Linen White (32): binding

Colours – from lightest to darkest in colour groups:

Banana Cream Pie (336) / Carrot (131) / Mandarin (159) / Chilli Pepper (49)

Meadowland (352) / Grass is Always Greener (347) / Aloe Verde (349) / Shamrock (109)

Pool Side (327) / Turks & Caicos (292) / Bora Bora (328) / Denim (106)

Hydrangea (214) / Opera Mauve (123) / Amethyst (215) / Grape (121)

May we just take a minute to appreciate how awesome some of the names of these fabrics are! I think my favourite would have to be ‘Pool Side’! It’s currently winter in Australia and I couldn’t think of anything better than being pool side, drinking up the glorious warmth of the summer sun and watching the light sparkle on the surface of the water! Ooo, heaven!


If you’re keen on giving this mini quilt a go, feel free to share your results with me on Instagram, Twitter or on my Facebook page!

Also, if you would like to know more about the RJR Supreme Cotton Fabric Blog Hop and are curious to see what other quilters have made using these fabrics, check out their Facebook page!

A big thanks to Laura and the team at RJR Fabrics for inviting me to join this Blog Hop! It’s the first one I’ve ever been a part of and I’ve had so much fun playing and making with such lovely fabrics!

RJR Solids Blog Hop banner

Happy Sewing, Friends!


PS. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!!!