‘Like Diamonds In The Sky’

I’ve been a busy little bunny these past few days.

And I can finally present to you a finished quilt top!

Friendship Star Quilt Top

Friendship Star Quilt Top 2

I like to the think of the star blocks as

‘Like Diamonds In The Sky’

So pretty!

Admittedly, the whole thing needs a good press – especially around the edged sashing – but still, it looks good!

 So it’s now onto the next stage!


I used to dread when it came to this part…

Lying all over the floor and busting my back sticking pins into a quilt. It’s wasn’t my cup-of-tea so to speak.

But to the rescue came Quilt Basting Spray!

And now, what was a whole day job has become a 15 minute job! (That is: basting and ironing times combined together!)

blog9 I plan to back the quilt with this floral print that I have literally a whole ton of and am desperate to use up as quickly as possible! And then bind it with the white/navy stripes.

 I’m also trying something new with the thread I’ll be using to stitch my quilty lines.

I’m going to give this a go…


It’s a spool of Gutermann Sulky Machine Embroidery thread (100% Cotton) that has variegated shades of navy blue/turquoise/purple/maroon.

I’m hoping the shades will blend well with the fabrics that make up the quilt top.

Although the thread seems a little thick than usual, I have my fingers crossed that my machine can take it and feed it through evenly enough as we go along!

 So for the rest of the week (and no doubt the weekend too!), I hope to be parked permanently in front of my sewing machine!



Happy Sewing!



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10 thoughts on “‘Like Diamonds In The Sky’”

  1. Felicidades por tu trabajo!!! me gustan mucho los colores de las telas que has utilizado, quedó un quilt precioso. Saludos


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