Stop-Motion Embroidery #2

Late last night I had a small moment of triumph!!

I was determined to get this embroidery finished!

And I did it! Yay!

So this afternoon, during a lull in our Mother’s Day celebrations, I uploaded and edited all of the photos I took and made this rad little film…

The pattern I used for this was from Urban Threads.

If you’re a mad keen lover of embroidery and love something a little bit more modern/alternative to that of the more traditional embroidery designs, I urge you to take a look this awesome website!

They have ahh-mazing stuff!

(And the prices aren’t too bad either!)

I always love having a good little needle-point on the go…

It keeps my fingers and mind busy when everything else around me is a bit hum-drum and beige!

Cheerio my friends


Happy Sewing!!



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