TUTORIAL: Finn The Human Pillow

Click this link for the free pattern –>> Finn The Human Pillow 

For weeks now, I’ve been promising this little tutorial to you all.

I’ve been teasing, procrastinating and stressing out over it for ages until I finally said, ‘Sod it! Just get it done already!!’

And here it is!

I’ve been hella nervous to publish this pattern & tutorial for so many reasons.

Here are just a few…

#1: This is the first ‘pattern’ I’ve ever really made and created. I’m sure somewhere there will be a crucial element I’ve missed or half explained that I will need to address sometime in the future. I’m super nervous that the pattern pieces are incorrect and won’t all match-up. And I’m desperately praying that the pattern link downloads and opens easily for everyone who clicks it! (The original plan was to have a PDF pattern but that wasn’t working, so I’ve uploaded it as Word docx. instead! Fingers crossed!)

Finn For Blog 1

#2: OMG, it’s Adventure Time! This cartoon series is huge at the moment and I’ve been so conscious to get the design pretty much perfect to the original design of Finn so that it doesn’t just look like another one of those ridiculous try-hard crafting nightmares!

Finn For Blog 3

#3: I suppose, in all honesty, I’m worried about the feedback I’ll get from this project. Will people hate it? Will they not understand the pattern? Are there elements of the design that just don’t work?

Finn For Blog 2

Hmm… I don’t know… I think I’m letting my mind run away with this issue far too much than I really should. I need to remember: Any feedback is good feedback (as along it’s constructive and helpful of course!).

If you’re new to the crafting/sewing game and would like to make this, I recommend watching the video first, that way you’ll grasp a better understanding of each step and not get too befuddled with what needs to be done next.

Best of luck to you all!!

Happy Sewing Friends!



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