TUTORIAL: Jake The Dog Pillow!

GET THE PATTERN: JakeTheDogPillow PDF Pattern

It’s here! I’ve finally made the next instalment of my Adventure Time Pillow creations!

So, if you didn’t already know, I’m a bit of an Adventure Time nerd and I’ve had this tutorial on my to-do list ever since I did my Finn The Human Pillow last year in July! So I penciled it in and here it is for you today!

I had so much fun sketching, cutting, trimming, adjusting and making this project and I really hope you do too!

JakeTheDogPillow 2


JakeTheDogPillow 3

In all honesty, I think this pillow is easier to make than my Finn one as Jake doesn’t have as many features to attach as he does. So if you’re beginner in the sewing/crafting world and want to make one of these guys, try Jake first and make your way up to creating Finn!

And of course, let me know if you’re going to make this! I would love to know how you go! (And perhaps send me a photo?!) Also, please send through any feedback you have about the pattern if there is anything you think I need to change or tweak! (NOTE: I’m no professional when it comes to pattern making and writing, and I use no fancy software to create them either – just hand-drawn templates and Microsoft Word!)

Happy Sewing, Friends!



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