An Update from my Sewing Room… #2

I can tell you a secret?

(Well, it’s not really a secret. More of a thought, actually.)

I really loved having the opportunity to sit, write and share what had been happening in my Sewing Room last time and the response to that post was really encouraging and supportive! So because of that, I’ve decided to make this into a bit of a series to explore and to use as a ‘newsletter’ type thing, keeping you updated on things that I don’t share so much on YouTube, Instagram or any other of my social networky places. Sound good? Good!

And also, I like writing these types of posts as I love to be able to go back and read about what I was up to this time last year (yes, I am the type of blogger that actually likes to re-read what they wrote a year ago!), or to re-fresh my memory on the progress I made with quilts-in-the-making. I especially like looking back on posts about quilts that I give away, remembering what they looked like and re-living the thoughts (and struggles) I was facing when making them.

So, where to start off this time… Hmm…

Let’s start here!

The other day I did share this completed quilt top on Instagram of one of the commissioned baby quilts I’m making for a friend.


I’m completely over the moon with how well it’s all come together! I absolutely loved how the fabrics shone, glimmered and danced in the winter sunshine and soft breeze on the day I shot these photos! It was a beautiful moment where my crazy quilt-nerdisms went into hyper-drive and I squealed and giggled to myself over its cuteness!


All up, I made five Granny Squares Blocks and had a hard time deciding whether to leave in the top left yellow spot block or this green spot block (ie. the first block I made at beginning!)

My First Granny Squares Block!
My First Granny Squares Block!

I ended up using the yellow spot block as it seemed to balance out all of the mint-green fabrics I had used. It seemed to give the quilt an over-all subtlety and softness that I really like.

Moving on to baby quilt number two. This time around I’m making a small bunch of 5.5″ Pinwheels using the left over 3.5″ squares I over cut for the Granny Squares Blocks. (They really are super adorable!)


I’ll also be using up any left over 2″ sashing I used on the previous quilt to sash the Pinwheels together. I think I’ll then add the same kind of border I did to the other one as well, but instead use the soft yellow spot fabric in place of the green strip border.


Yesterday afternoon I spent some down time finishing the piecing of the Pinwheels and then begun sashing the blocks together. I’m now at the stage where I can quite easily finish the quilt top in one afternoon or evening sewing session. (That’ll either happen today or tomorrow!)

I’ve set myself a goal to have both baby quilt tops finished for the start of next week so I can concentrate on getting them quilted. I think I’ll stick to some pretty basic quilting lines – nothing as intense as my Geo Dreams Quilt or Amelia’s Baby Quilt – as I think it’ll really compliment the softness and simpleness that each of these quilts already radiate.

(Here’s a piece of behind the scenes trivia for you: While piecing the Pinwheel Blocks together, instead listening to music like I usually do, I played season four of Adventure Time in the background! It helped tremendously to make those tedious steps of squaring up HSTs and pressing tricky seams a lot more bearable and fun! Math!)

Finn & Jake // IMAGE SOURCE

The next thing I wanted to share with you is a pattern that I’ve been swooning over for the past week! And it’s this one by Fat Quarter Shop

The Panda-Monium Mini Quilt!

Panda-Monium Mini Quilt by Fat Quarter Shop // SOURCE
Panda-Monium Mini Quilt by Fat Quarter Shop // IMAGE SOURCE

I’m dying to get stuck into making this sweet little mini but I just can’t… I already have my fingers in so many pies, so to speak, that I really need to calm myself down, put my patience pants on and begin it when I don’t already have so many other quilts to get finished!! (And seeing so many great versions of it being made on Instagram doesn’t help to calm my fever!!)

Oh, and I forget to mention – it’s a free pattern!! (Say what!?) Yep. A FREE pattern! I love a good freebie! Annndd, there’s also a YouTube tutorial on the Fat Quarter Shop channel showing you how to make it! How good is that?! 😀

And lastly, may I just say, how awesome is the Mollie Makes magazine?!


If I could sum up everything that I want to be as quilter/sewer/crafter/whatever, this magazine is it! It’s 100% me but in pretty matte-pages form!

Although we’re a few issues behind here in Australia and you literally have to pay a small fortune for just one copy, it’s totes worth it, especially when you get cute freebies like pastel vintage buttons and DIY pincushion kits!!


So that’s it this time ’round.

The weekend ahead, as usual, is full of sewing, creating, filming and editing!

I hope you’re weekend will be just as fun as mine!

Happy Sewing, Friends!



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11 thoughts on “An Update from my Sewing Room… #2”

  1. Don’t feel bad about having that cute “Mollie Makes” magazine cost an arm-and-a-leg in Australia; I checked their website, and apparently we haven’t had that magazine here in Canada since 2013 (feels a bit like ‘Hotel California’…). I mean, we DO have the Queen on all of our money as well, so you’d think the U.K. might return the favour and make their publications available in this commonwealth too, no? Aww, just grousing. Maybe I’ll find it at Joann’s the next time I go cross-border shopping, although our dollar’s worth the same as pesos these days so a trip may be far in the future. Love your Granny squares quilt with those Cotton+Steel “x’s” fabric Amanda, and it looks good in pinwheels too! I bought a whack of the C+S dots and crosses ‘basics’ in purples, pinks, blues and greens when the fabric line first came out, so either I may try using it in your Quilt-Along-With-Me design, or perhaps one of these quilt ideas. Thanks for the inspiration, and I’m glad I’ve found your blog as well as your YouTube channel!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The baby quilts are fabulous! Internet is often too slow here to watch the videos on your blog, so it’s nice to see a post in this format.

    I’m also glad to see that I’m not the only one who goes back and reads their old blog posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!
      I really do love re-reading my old blog posts! It’s like going back over an old journal and remembering what life was like back when you wrote it! 😊


  3. I love quilts with a white background. Beautiful. I often swing between TV shows when quilting. Supernatural when I’m on my own and cartoons including Adventure Time when there are kids hanging out with me. Oddly Scooby Doo is good background cartoon watching because you always know what’s happening!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!! I love quilts with white backgrounds too! It adds such a sense of freshness to the overall look and feel of the quilt. 😊
      Yeh, it’s not often I watch something while I’m sewing as I usually find it distracting. But when it comes to Adventure Time, I could watch it when I sleep, that’s how much I love it! 👍


  4. oh my…I’m having a hard time finding words to express how much I LOVE that granny square top…it’s just jaw-dropping beautiful yet so simplistic and easy…WOW! The pinwheels have a look that screams FUN! I really enjoy reading the ‘behind the scenes’ so please keep it coming 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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